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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the Slovak and Czech Republic. low level of awareness about human rights persists. This results in low rate of respect towards human rights. Secondary school curricula put emphasis on memorising data, rather than on realising the importance and application of human rights in practice. The curriculum also misses any information about LGBT people. The capacity of organisations that would like to be concerned with work with LGBT youth is meagre and such organisations are scarce, mainly in regions. At the same time, there are no specific educational programmes focused on youth-oriented human rights education or programmes taking into account specific needs of LGBT youth. Workers with LGBT youth often lack enough competences for planning and implementation of such educational activities. This was confirmed also by a short survey among the member of partner organisation that are in charge of education. Project's objective: To contribute to the increase in the quality of educational programmes on human rights and LGBT topics in the Czech and Slovak Republic through the increase in the competences of youth workers in charge of such education. Project's goals: 1. To understand the logic of educational activity planning and apply such knowledge in practice 2. To understand and apply the NAOMIE planning tool 3. To understand the importance of quality selection of target group 4. To know how to implement an analysis of needs of the target group and determine goals of educational activity therefrom Activities: A1: Feasibility visit - detailed preparation of in prep team A2: 1st phase of the training A3: 2nd phase of the training There will be 26 participants from the Czech and Slovak Republic (13 per each country), whereas their profile should meet these requirements: - age 18 or more - working with LGBT youth or planning to - implementing educational activities concerning human rights and/or LGBT topics or planning to - having capacity to implement acquired knowledge in practice - able to attend the whole training - two residential parts with practice in between - are willing to develop and grow further as human rights educators and trainers Participants will be able after the completion of the training to plan an educational activity on the basis of a quality needs analysis that will be precisely focused on a specific target group. They will be able to plan and use the methods and techniques of non-formal education, specifically human rights-focused non-formal education, in such educational activity. They will know and have experience with the Erasmus+:Youth in Action programme - they will know and know how to work with the application form and will be able to assess which educational activities are fit for funding from the Erasmus+ programme. We expect to use the course and results from this training in planning future similar trainings in the future, focusing on competences we identified during the training as important via feedback from the participants and which did not get enough attention from us or couldn't have more space in the programme.



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