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Nanomedicine for target-specific imaging and treatment of atherosclerosis: development and initial clinical feasibility (NanoAthero)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NanoAthero aims to have demonstration of initial clinical feasibility of nanosystems for targeted imaging and treatment of advanced atherosclerotic disease in humans. The nanosystems are assemblies of following components: nanocarrier, targeting, imaging agent/drug. They have proven safety records, and strong preliminary in vitro and in vivo proofs of efficacy are available. Partners have patented and provided evidence of efficacy of carriers and ligands. Over 5 years, NanoAthero will integrate GMP production, the initiation of clinical investigations in high-risk patients, including the preparation of regulatory dossiers, risk and ethical assessments, and the evaluation of the performance of optimized diagnostic and therapeutic compounds. NanoAthero offers a unique opportunity for combining in-depth knowledge of nanocarrier bioengineering and production with state-of the art expertise in imaging and treatment of cardiovascular patients providing a full bench-to-bedside framework within one collaborative consortium of 16 partners from academia, a European association, SMEs and a large pharmaceutical company. NanoAthero gathers together leading chemists, engineers, pharmacists, biologists, toxicologists, clinicians, analysts, ethicists and key-opinion leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine and early drug development.In NanoAthero, the nanocarriers carrying compounds to visualize thrombus or vulnerable plaques, or to deliver therapeutic agents should be suitable for proof-of-concept in patients. Phase I clinical trials targeting pivotal pathways in atherothrombosis will be performed with nanosystems for diagnosis and treatment of carotid atheroma. NanoAthero aims to propose nanosystems for thrombus imaging, stroke treatment and plaque stabilization in high-risk patients. Molecular imaging and therapeutic treatments in NanoAthero are based on feasible approaches.



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