Rechercher des projets européens

Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

JA Europe plays a key role in bringing different stakeholders together at all levels to tackle the challenges facing Europe today. Boosting investment in education, making it relevant and inclusive, are critical in this. We continue to work with Governments and Private sector partners to step-up the investment and engagement in education. We have to adopt new ways of bringing our material into the classroom to ensure the maximal learning outcome for our students and impact on society. We have great opportunities to leverage technology towards the objective of more impactful student-centred learning. We are empowering schools to be more entrepreneurial. We work with policy makers, MEPs and MPs to boost their support, endorsement and investment in education.Education • Pursuing new programme innovation: blended learning curricula for middle grades; embedding coding into the programmes; • Sharing and adapting content quickly: invest in program bank for teacher to share content/tools in multiple languages;• Recognizing The Entrepreneurial Schools;• Investing in teacher training via webinars, Teacher Conference, Summit for Educators;Impact • Implement the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass in 20 countries (certifies students (aged 16-18) have gained the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to start a business or to be successfully employed).• Implement impact measurement framework and expand it to a global initiative• Run a policy experimentation consortium of 5 ministries, researchers and JA partners to test what the scenario looks like at 50% entrepreneurship penetration among students 15 - 20 years old; analyse national strategies.• Conduct Case Study Research in 5 Countries (UK, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Poland) + pan-European Survey on Financial Literacy.Network • Peer-to-peer networking, project collaboration and the leveraging of expertise from across our geography. • Continue to focus on our quality metrics. • Increase collaboration between members in 4 strategic working groups.• Setting up central Alumni database combining the data from 21 member countries.• Implement a CEO Mentoring Programme. Positioning • Continue to support our Members in brand alignment. • Fully implement our story-based strategy; link what we do to key issues. • Launch the MEPs & MPs back to school campaign at European and national level• Our main events should showcase the whole year of activity and serve as a tool to communicate our impact.• Expanding digital presence through Website & Social Media • Coordinate the European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork Fundraising • Improve the collaborative approach through the Fundraising Working Group. • 3 new partners to join the organisation.• Public/EU Funding target to submit 3 projects/ year.• Build and strengthen relationships with pan-European Associations (WEF, CSR Europe, AMCHAM EU, Business Europe, ERT, EUN). • Invest in Salesforce.