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MyGrid; Energy Efficient and Interoperable \nSmart Energy Systems for Local Communities (GreenCom)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2012, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One promising answer leveraging the time frame of investment in changes of power supply and demand is to optimize the grid capacity with Smart Grids. However, a managed customer demand with intensive grid monitoring, automation and reliable customer flexibility is needed to allow for a real and secure reduction in residual capacity.The aim of GreenCom is to utilise the flexibility and intelligence in the low-voltage demand and local supply side infrastructure to create increased regulation capacity and reserve power in the centralised power grid by extending the means to effectively and securely manage demand and supply within defined boundaries. GreenCom thus aims to balance local exchange of energy at the community microgrid level (e.g. Smart Cities), to avoid destabilizing the centralized grid.GreenCom adopts a business model driven development approach, mapping dynamic value constellations to business cases capturing the service concept idea to consolidate user requirements and drive the user evaluation.The GreenCom Smart Energy System will collect, aggregate and analyse data from appliance level consumption such as appliances, smart home devices, sensors and actuators and smart meters. The data analysis will provide real-time consumption data on type of devices and location together with short term forecasts (up to 4 hours) aggregated over several sectors of the grid. A value based demand control based on individual consumer contracts with attractive tariffs, reward/penalty clauses and other elements will allow intelligent energy demand management and control including local energy generating and storage installations.GreenCom will allow energy distributors to start focussing on Energy System effectiveness. Energy suppliers will be able to shift from Smart Power Grid to Smart Energy System allowing e.g. DSOs or Retailers, to balance electricity load demand without adversely affecting grid stability and reducing critical peak situations.


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