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Date du début: 1 avr. 2012, Date de fin: 31 mars 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Respective documents of Latvia and Lithuania indicates several weaknesses in social integration of people with disabilities. Social rehabilitation (particularly social integration), common quality of social services, environmental accessibility and educational level of people employed in social sector are recognized as insufficient. Mostly environmental accessibility mismatches with present demands. Awareness about needs of specific groups and possible solutions of their problems is not satisfactory. Mentioned gaps can create a basis for developing discrimination and unequal attitude. As Latvia and Lithuania are neighbors with regular tourist exchange, inhabitants and workers movement, similar integration possibilities and problems, it is important to develop joint social services useful for people of both sides. Goal of the project:To promote equal approach practicing and social integration of people with disabilities. Sub-objectives are to evaluate/compare situations on accessibility of social services and social integration, to educate professionals, to develop and pilot new joint social services, to change/adapt infrastructure, to train and consult representatives of different organizations, to use Universal design principles as tool and to provide broad society information on project subject. There are 8 Latvian and 5 Lithuanian partners involved. 2 partners are regional level, 10 - municipalities or their organizations and 1- nongovernmental organization. Project includes explorative, educating, environment adapting, new social services developing, experience exchanging, information distributing and also existing social service quality and accessibility improving activities. All activities will contribute to development of sustainable community and forming attractive living environment. Both new social services require investments in infrastructure. It will also provide direct investment in realization of human rights, Article 19 of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, tasks 1 and 3 of Latvias programme 2009-2013 of social care service development, Article 24 of Lithuanias National Programme for Social Integration of People with Disabilities 2003-2012, strategic goal 1 of Kurzeme planning region social service development programme 2011-2018, People with disabilities as main target group will gain 2 new joint social services, professionals and society awareness on their needs, adapted environment and possibilities for better social integration. Employees at social sector will be trained to understand needs and integration opportunities of people with disabilities and also will learn about Universal design as important tool for promoting integration. Municipalities will have improved public infrastructure, get new social service and its providers. Regions will get database on social services, improved capacity of each involved partner/organization/person and more sustainable society. Achievements: Specialists' qualification improved, 2 Concepts of 2 new services developed, environment/infrastructure of 8 partners adapted for services and persons with disabilities, 2 new joint social services developed and piloted, society informed about needs of target group and Universal Design as tool for improving social integration (organised 1 forum, 1conference, section on webpages, campaigns in social networks,municipalities, TV broadcasting, mobile exhibiton, etc.) data base with map made. Baltic sea beach environment will be adapted to use of persons with disabilities. This client group will get new appropriate social services (with staff speaking in more than national language and prepared to work with visitors/tourists), adaptions in accordans with UD principles, tactile maps, special equipment to use in leisure time (for example, special wheelchairs for swiming, audiobuoy), sanitary moduls, containar toilets, wooden pathes, lifting platform, elevators, adapted premises, etc. Infrastructure (public premises and environment)will be adapted in accordance with Universal design principles to ensure accessibility of new social services (companion - assistants and short-time stay service). Work will be done by 8 partners (municipalities, organizations) in Latvia and Lithuania. 5 reconstructions will be used for developing and piloting companion – assistant servise, but 3-for short-time stay service.



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