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My Lifelong Knowledge management
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lifelong learning can take place in a variety of environments, both inside and outside formal education and training systems. Lifelong learning implies investing in people and knowledge; promoting the acquisition of basic skills, including digital literacy and broadening opportunities for innovative, more flexible forms of learning. The aim is to provide people of all ages with equal and open access to high-quality learning opportunities, and to a variety of learning experiences. It has because a necessity to acquire new skills during one’s career, and informal learning contents (social networks, video-sharing websites, communities of practice, blogs with articles,…) give an easy access to knowledge. However competences acquired through them are not well recognised yet. There is a need for a new tool enabling to highlight one’s competences obtained thanks to formal, informal and non formal learning contents. MyLK (My Lifelong Knowledge management) project aims at creating a dashboard displaying all the trainings and learning experiences to ensure the traceability of one’s learning path. This will allow to highlight all the competences of learners and to reinforce the impact of lifelong learning on one’s professional profile. Hence the project will aim at a better employability. The dashboard will enable companies to have a better understanding of employees’/job seekers’ skills, it will provide them information that actually matters to them when they are looking for a new employee. This will be possible through the creation of a communication protocol between the dashboard and all kinds of learning interfaces enabling them to send relevant information about trainings undertaken by learners. This project was initiated by Haikara, a French SME specialised in e-learning. Nowadays, they are strongly involved in innovation for learning environments. Its network of associations and companies involved in this field have shown an interest for the coordinator to take up the challenge to develop a tool for life-long learning management. Six partners have joined Haikara to develop the project. Forma-Libre, a Belgian SME linked to Claroline Connect, will bring its expertise in LMS and development of IT tools. AGH, a Polish university, involved in e-portfolio research and MOOC, will be member of the consortium. The University of Cergy-Pontoise will also be part of the partnership bringing its knowledge of learning contents and already existing tools to highlight one’s competencies. An expertise in large scale VET providing will be included in the partnership through the participation of Le Forem which offers information, training and personalised guidance to employers and job seekers in order to promote integration into the labour market and meet the recruitment needs. Endurance, thanks to its experience in VET for hospitality sector will contribute to the development of a pilot module of the solution assessing level of competencies and advising complementary learning paths in the hospitality sector. Saint-Gobain, a French company highly involved in lifelong learning, decided to get involved in the project to express companies’ needs and help with the demonstration of the solution. Moreover, an External Advisor will evaluate and monitor the project to ensure that all requirement are met. Through these developments, research and demonstration, MyLK will test and prove the utility of a new tool, consolidating needs of diverse European Countries. Indeed, the project will provide the dashboard and a communication standard. With the help of the external Advisor, a white paper will be produced to enable learning content editors to respect the communication protocol to be compatible with the dashboard. Doing this will be an asset for the editors because they will gain visibility and recognition. Workers/non-workers will be provided with a management tool of their lifelong learning and companies will benefit from a better vision of people skills which will make the recruitment process easier. On the very long term, this tool can reinforce the life-long learning practice. A better recognition of non-formal and informal learning can lead to reinforce internal learning programmes of some companies to help their employees developing their basic and transversal skills with personalised learning paths. The project will have high potential of transferability as the white paper will enable to develop new modules for the dashboard in future projects.



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