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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Çanakkale, on behalf of social responsibility, for including disabled people to social life and living an active is very motivated and famous. Public bodies, Nongovernmental organizations are very active and cooperated together in this field. Many projects implemented in this field for awarening the people about difficulties of disabled people. Especially Ngo’s which Works bear to volunteering contribute for solving this problem. We gathered with friends for raise awareness and solve the problem decided to write this Project. We hope that we implement with this Project understand the life of disabled people and smooth their life. In our Project participants will be hearing imparied people from various European Countries and they will discuss the problem of hearing imparied people, comment and make some solutions about their problems. One of our main activity will be teach to them as an operative the hearing imparied people sign language. During the all Project we will show that these disabled people can do anything as non-disabled do. Also we will adapte them to social life. We mentioned our main theme for understanding hearing imparied people psychologically and adapting them to society. Also we tried to find some solutions for the problems which we have.We tried to listen the problems of our hearing imparied friends directly from their mouth. In the end of our Project we will carry the problem of hearing imparied people’s problems to European agenda. The Project is will be 7 days. Included Turkey will be 42 people from 7 countries. 15-20 of participants will be hearing imparied. We will use nonformal education methods in our Project and try to make young people aware and experienced them. We think that we reach our goal and make strong partnerships in our Project.



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