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Muzikale vorming van senioren
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Klankendaal vzw, Flemish Centre for Music Education, aims to bring together various players within the field of music education, both nationally and internationally. As such, every year we organise the "Evening of Music Education" which functions as an annual meeting between various organisations and individuals concerned with music education. In our collaboration with Muzes vzw we also host a community website (, which allows both students and teachers to share information on music education and participate in discussions. Klankendaal also wishes to map and collect music educational research, and act as a catalyst for new research. In this, our Music Education Research Seminars (MERS) play a key role. As part of these seminars, we regularly invite international experts in music education - such as Dr. Lori Custodero, David Elliot and Susan Young - for lectures and workshops which inspire people working within music education in Flanders. Up until now, Klankendaal vzw focuses mainly on music education for young children, teenagers and music professionals. As such, we organise two unique postgraduate programs: "Music education for young children, aged 0 - 4" and "Music education for young children, aged 4 - 8". Now, we start up a project on music education for the elderly. This particular subject proves highly interesting within a society in which people live longer. Music education significantly improves the health of elderly people, and also acts as a socialising factor. In our current society, elderly people are constantly at risk of living a very solitary life. Bringing together elderly people to enjoy music together, really battles solitude. This meets the European goals of 'active ageing' and 'lifelong learning'. The goal of our project on "music for the elderly" is to learn music teachers how to teach music to the elderly: both elderly people suffering with dementia, people who are still living an active life in good health as people who have been moved into care. We even aim to include elderly people who have never before enjoyed an education in music. To launch our project we organize an international symposium on the 25th of September 2015. Representatives of the several European countries and institutes of higher education would gather in Brussels, allowing the European expertise to be shared with a wider audience. With this symposium we can start up a strong international network, being a firm support for our project, both in Flanders as in other European countries. The Adult education staff mobility, planned for the end of 2015, would grant us the possibility to send some of our staff members, who trained as a musician and music teacher, to visit some institutions in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany to learn from their expertise, and to observe practical examples of music education for elderly people. Considering the fundamental lack of expertise in Belgium, it is vital for us to turn to the countries surrounding us. The staff mobility program allows us to get some questions answered, e. g.: - How do you reach elderly people? - What are the needs and expectations of elderly people on music education? - What are the problems and how do you solve them? - What is the ideal duration of a lesson? - What sorts of music education are there for elderly people? - Are there different methods of music education for elderly people? - ...? The Adult education staff mobility would grant us to prepare a postgraduate program 'Music education for the elderly', which is planned to start in September 2016.