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Musikalische Schlüsselerlebnisse Deutschland-Palästina. Zur Kompetenz- und Exzellenzentwicklung von Kindern, Jugendlichen und Studenten
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Music is an excellent communication tool that overcomes cultural barriers with its own language, understandable for everybody. It offers youth the opportunity to meet on a common place and intercultural exchange. The project "Musical key experiences Germany-Palestine. For competence and excellence development of children, youth and students" is a joint project of the Bavarian Philharmonie (Munich) and the Music College Al Kamandjati in Ramallah. This project with musicians from Germany and Palestine took place from 10th to 17th of August 2015. It included a musical programme from the European and the Arab cultural area and was brought on stage after several days of rehearsing and joint teamwork. Presentations and concerts took place in various cities and venues of Palestine (Jerusalem, Ramallah, Zababdeh). The project was visible through open rehearsals and other forms of participation for the population in Palestine. The project was supported and accompanied by the Goethe-Institut Ramallah. The long-standing tradition and experience of the Bavarian Philharmonic in cultural education and intercultural projects and the particular focus of Al Kamandjati (on cultural exchange / participation / imparting skills) were the basis for a new, fantastic example to other instrumental educational project between an EU country and Palestine. In preparation to the 2015 project already several exchanges in Germany took place. Youth from Palsestine were involved in projects of the Bayerische Philharmonie in 2013 and 2014. So both the musicians and the management in Palestine and Germany were already well informed and with high respect about the other partner. The participants received a sensitsiation and strengthening of their knowledge for democratic values and dialogue in the society. Especially for the region of Palestine is such an trust building measurement extremely important. The participants learned that beyond boundaries – i.e. internationally – they can use their knowledge for professional life. Young people enhanced and learned for their personal and professional development. We wanted to rise the interest in being part of creating the future of the EU and develop a solidarity beyond boundaries. The following competences were in our focus: - Strengthen the willingness of competence and play an active role in society and environment - Extending of abilities of non formal knowledge/music education : support creativity , refelction, critics and discussion and others - Ability to contact and network with others focusing future professional chances - Positive attitude towards integration and equal chances - Access to informal learning In this project were participants from Germany and Palestine taking part predominantly adolescent and young adults. Amongst these participants there were young people, whose personal situation is engraved by difficult financial and social hindering. In advance to the project the participants were already being prepared (with own work phases). On one hand the project gave impact to the long-term cooperation between Bayerische Philharmonie and Al Kamandjati. On the other hand, it was an example for the development and expansion of other planned projects between Germany and Palestine. This is what we wanted to achieve through an open co-operation, information and communication involving partners as the Goethe Institute and the participants themselves.



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