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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"MUSIK, THEATER UND KINDER IN LEIPZIG" is a project involving six European Volunteers from various European countries: Estonia, Hungary, Spain and France. The work places of the european projects are five different organisations in Leipzig: 1) Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Foundation in Leipzig; 2) Sociocultural Multigenerational-house and Familycenter Haus Steinstraße e.V. - association for culture, education and contacts; 3) FRÖBEL Kindergarten Waldkindergarten (Forest Kindergarten) Leipzig; 4) Integrated day care center Familiengarten of the Sozialwerk Leipzig gGmbH; 5) Integrated day care center Biedermann of the Sozialwerk Leipzig gGmbH.The project will be coordinated by FAIRbund e.V. in Leipzig with the department of EU-exchange projects. The participants of the project will come to stay in Leipzig for 12 months (starting in Autumn 2016 and lasting till Autumn 2017) and will take part in the European Voluntary Service within the framework of Erasmus+ program. The volunteers will focus their attention on the following topics: Art and Culture, Youth and Children, Media and Communication, Youth Information and European Awareness. A big part of the volunteer activity will be comprised also by the public work: organisation of festivals, informational meetings, creation of blogs and flyers as well as other PR activities. The activities of all the institutions allow the volunteers to collaborate with experienced pedagogues, voice their own suggestions and bring into life their own ideas. With the help of the european volunteers we aim to spread the information about the possibilities of active engagement in Europe and by means of creativity and art to draw the attention of the public.The activities of all the project-organisations allow the volunteers to collaborate with experienced pedagogues, voice their own suggestions and bring into life their own ideas. The participants at the kindergartens will have the opportunity to experience the whole year of kindergarten life. They will also be encouraged to realize their own project with children beside following the common daily activities of the kindergarten. The title of the project is in this sense quite indicative. The active engagement of the european volunteers will inspire visitors of the Mendelssohn-house, children, educators, parents and the local community to ponder over the future of Europe and to work step by step on the creation of this future. During the duration of the project the workers of the hosting institutions will have direct contact with young Europeans, who by means of their ideas, desires and interests can have an immediate influence on the development of Europe.



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