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Music without Frontiers 2
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Music without Frontiers 2 Project continues the best practices of the former, well established LLP – LdV Concert Circle and MWF Projects. The name of the project refers not only to crossing international borders but also to experimenting and learning about different music genres, from classical music to pop-rock music and local and national specialities, even to music technology and composing, not to mention music production and business. Student Mobility Activity consists of three week study periods, that include personal tuition in one’s own major subject (musical instrument), on-the-job-learning in orchestra, ensemble or band activities and one or more public performances, either as a member of the aforementioned formations and/or as a soloist. The students also have opportunities to experiment new music genres and instruments, depending on the specialities offered in each of the different host schools. Those students who choose to visit Glasgow Kelvin College will be offered, instead of personal instrumental lessons, tuition in music technology and marketing.In Finland, MWF 2 has a national network of three conservatories. Administered by Lahti Conservatory, the other two partners are the Conservatories in Helsinki and Joensuu. These three schools have in total some 190 students in vocational training and intend to send 30 students to Music without Frontiers exchange during the two year project term. Our partner schools locate in Scotland, Poland, Portugal, and Estonia. We also intend to send accompanying persons with some student groups to facilitate their first steps at the host school. Additionally, the accompanying staff members’ visits will strengthen our partnerships with the foreign partner schools and build up mutual trust for example of the practices and evaluation of eventual vocational skills demonstrations.As the impacts of the project we wish to provide all participants personal growth in their professional skills and also as independent citizens to interact with people from other countries, whether within EU or outside its borders. For our organizations we expect to maintain our good relations and to further develop our international networking abilities. Thereto, as long term benefits, we wish to gain strong potential to further develop our teaching and evaluation methods. More longterm benefits of Music without Frontiers 2 Project will be discovered in the future when we can find an increasing number of foreign musicians playing or teaching in different institutions around Europe and welcoming visitors to their own institutions with warm hospitality.



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