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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We have stated our project on music, and have observed student involvement in school music has a positive impact on other areas of their lives. Musical involvement improves a student’s self-discipline, dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, thinking skills, listening skills, creative abilities and personal expression. The project focus is on stopping violence and inequality in education by taking music to the centre. According to the analysis we did on research and articles written in several countries, we found that violence and inequality are common problems of EU society as the rate of teenagers facing violence in the family, at school, on the streets and social community is different in every country of the EU but higher than ideal. So we aim to reduce violence and inequality by disseminating music and musical activities in the school environment with the aim of everyone dealing with music in their spare times as performers. Our project activities will be open to everyone in the schools, especially excluded ones. The project will be active inside the schools with its musical activities. Teachers will lead the students to play any kind of musical instruments, creating music bands, groups, pairs, writing lyrics or anything connected to music. This atmosphere will create a positive synergy in the school and impact every member of the school. Before the exchange meeting, there will be musical activities in the school and after the observation of the project team the ones who are most skillful will be allowed to join in the exchange activities in the partner countries. During the exchange meeting, the participant musicians will meet from every partner country and they will rehearse together, improve their songs, learn different types of music from each other. While these activities are done, the guest students will join every stage of education in host schools to know, observe and develop friendship and multicultural understanding. Daily activities will be done together and the impact will be very positive on the students. On the last day of the week, a big concert will be held and every musician will present his/her songs on the stage. This concert will be the top point that peace, friendship, team spirit and European Unity reach. The partners are very suitable for the project because all the schools have music classes, clubs and two of them, LT and IT, are already music schools. This capacity of the partners will bring the success of the project activities and the achievment of the goals. OBJECTIVES: prevent students from violence, school drop out and inequality teach and disseminate different types of music to young people support gender equity and prevent generation gap and intolerance for disabled people by musical instruments played by both male and female, young and old, abled and disabled players encourage the learning of modern foreign languages NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS Students/teenagers:There will be teams of 30 students in each partner organization so 180 in total will take part actively in project activities. Approximately 1200 students/teenagers will be affected indirectly. Teachers/Adults: There will be teams of 5 teachers in each partner organization so 30 in total will take part actively in project activities. There will be a teacher of English,Music,a Psychological Counsellor, an ICT teacher and a PE teacher/trainer.Approximately 150 teachers/adults will be affected indirectly. Administrative staff:The head teacher/chairman and a deputy head will take part in the project, Approximately 36 administrative staff will be affected indirectly. Families:The number of the family members will be 300 in total and they will contribute to introduce the host country’s culture, tradition and to prepare traditional food for the international evening. Approximately 480 family members will be affected indirectly. Local community: The local community including local press, municipality, directorate of national education and PTA will help to disseminate the project to a wider community. Approximately 800 people from the local community will be affected indirectly. RESULTS AND IMPACTS Through our project the six partners intend to create both short-term and long-term tangible and intangible results and to achieve the biggest possible impact on future projects and policy processes such as leading students to overcome lack of self-esteem, setting up the project website in order to provide continuous access to the general information of the project activities, progress and results, writing newspaper reports and creating on-site panels or leaflets to inform non-specialist audience about the project’s background and main results, arranging a multiplier event, communication, and cognitive skills of at risk students, cultivating effective partnerships between trainers, educators, and community organizations so as to amplify our collective impact on the students.



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