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Murcia Ciudad Europea
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project European voluntary Murcia Euroepan City aims to help young people with disabilities, educational difficulties and less opportunities to develop their autonomy, their skills and initiative in a different social environment and provide youth in the municipality of Murcia, their experience, their solidarity and their ideas to encourage them to practice their interest in languages, meet young people from other countries to participate in European mobility programs, to know other cultures, to understand the principles and values of the Union. At the same time this project seeks to spread the idea that European programs are very useful for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, to help them develop their personal and professional skills and promote their autonomy. In this project volunteers / as collaborate directly in youth projects taking place in different areas of the municipality of Murcia, where activities Language Club neighborhoods and districts (remote villages of the city center) and dissemination projects are developed European initiatives and participation projects to disseminate information to young people (Points Correspondents Youth Information Centres Education and Youth Associations). Activities mainly revolve around the broadcasting of European citizenship, the importance of knowing other languages, information regarding participation and dissemination of learning opportunities in Europe and in the city of Murcia. The project methodology seeks to involve young people at all stages, the continuing review of tasks and objectives always aimed at achieving personal and professional goals for participants, and with a constant and continuous evaluation of all activities. Their presence and their actions in these projects will promote a multiplier effect on many young people who understand the opportunity to participate in mobility programs despite their personal and social difficulties. The aim is that young people feel that their participation is remarkable, important and reliable partner in all activities. Young people are always accompanied by a person who is also responsible for the activity. The EVS host project MURCIA EUROPEAN CITY takes place in a local community where the youth population is in continuous growth and a strong multicultural society where youth work is indispensable. The duration of activity of the volunteers are young people 6 months and Italy, Belgium and Portugal, one with visual disabilities, one with educational difficulties and a migrant background are involved. Organizations that these young people are sent to entities engaged in projects of social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, have long and proven experience in the same and aim with the city of Murcia to continue such projects, establish an appropriate methodology and foster These projects serve to disseminate the possibilities of the Erasmus + programs for young people with fewer opportunities.



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