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Multitech SeCurity system for intercOnnected space control groUnd staTions (SCOUT)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The goal of the project is to study, design and analyze on a risk-based approach a security system relying on multiple technologies for the protection of space control ground stations (SCGSs) against physical and cyber attacks and for intelligent reconfiguration of the ground station network in the case that one or more nodes fail.The SCOUT system is composed of three subsystems:1) A distributed multisensor network for protection against physical attacks (SENSNET) composed of low impact sensors, namely passive sensors (passive radar, infrared camera, radiometric SAR) and low emission radars (noise radar based sensors (NRBS)).2) A distributed telecommunication network sensing system for the detection and protection against cyber attacks (CYBERSENS), composed of several hardware probes (monitoring devices located at every ground stations), software probes (lightweight software sensing agents residing in the ground station machines), a honeynet (a decoy network used to detect and track cyberattacks), and a central engine which coordinates the entire infrastructure.3) A management network system for automatic restoration and intelligence reconfiguration of the SCGS network (RECOVER), designed in accordance to the distributed Smart Sensor Network paradigm where the reconfiguration and control is governed by distributed logic.The first two subsystems allow acquisition of information about potential attacks of the SCGS that are processed by a centralized Main Control Unit (MCU) to have a situation awareness picture used to assess the degree of alert. They are controlled to focus their resources on the potential threats. According to the network fault, RECOVER is activated.The main tasks of the MCU are:1) data processing2) decision making support3) subsystem control with graphical user interface includedTwo risk tools are developed to identify vulnerabilities of the SCGS against physical and cyber attacks, which drive the design and functionalities of SCOUT."



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