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Multispectal terahertz, infrared, visible imaging and spectroscopy (MUTIVIS)
Date du début: 1 mai 2008, Date de fin: 30 juin 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Components for multi spectral, real-time, room-temperature operating imaging and spectroscopy for multiple application fields as security technology, transport, production technology, or health and life-science are proposed. The first objective of the project is the development of a multi spectral imaging sensor working in the visible, long wave infrared, and terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum. All the imaging functionalities will be monolithically integrated on a CMOS chip and work at room-temperature. The second objective is to design a narrow band room-temperature large tuning range terahertz source and a high power fixed frequency source at 1 THz. The sources will be designed using laboratory equipment to achieve a proof of principle setup. The third objective is to combine the imaging sensor and the terahertz sources to a multispectral imaging and a spectroscopy subsystem. This two subsystems will allow doing visible, infrared, and active terahertz imaging, and terahertz spectroscopy. The spectroscopic functionality is achieved by sweeping the terahertz source over a large frequency range and subsequent acquisition with the terahertz sensor part.Experts from different possible application fields as security, transport, production technology, and life science and health willgive their contribution on defining the system- and components requirements at the beginning of the project and evaluate theperformance in the end. As a pilot application, the imaging and spectroscopy subsystems will be validated in an airport security environment.



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