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Multiscale Modelling Platform: Smart design of nano-enabled products in green technologies (MMP)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The high-tech industry strives to increase overall functionality and quality of products by the application of nano-enabled materials and devices. The development of such products would significantly benefit from a thorough understanding of multiscale phenomena and adequate numerical tools to guide nano-enabled design.The scientific challenge lies in defining proper scale transition relations to transfer data between the relevant scales and to properly address the mutually dependence of the multi-physics. Nano-engineering is intrinsically strongly multidisciplinary, thereby posing the technical challenge to assemble the, in generally, distributed expertise and simulation resources.MMP (Multiscale Modelling Platform) develops an integrating modelling platform, especially equipped to target multi-scale and multiphysics engineering problems. The innovation of MMP lies in its generic and modular character, supported by data standardization and proper definition of application interfaces. This allows for the integration of existing modelling software’s and data repositories as plug-in components. MMP will be distributed as open source software supported by online documentation. This enables future users, e.g. SMEs, to join, contribute and benefit from MMP.The versatility and power of the platform is demonstrated by assessing two case studies on nano-enabled products with a high sustainability impact. The performance of phosphor light conversion in LEDs and the efficiency of CIGS thin film processing for photo-voltaics devices will be increased.MMP provides the European industry with a competitive advantage by allowing for an integrated process, material and product design. Multiscale modelling and therewith multiscale design will considerably reduce development costs, decrease time to market and improve process yield and device functionality. Moreover, the cloud computing strategy enables the optimal utilization of simulation facilities and facilitates collaboration.



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