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Multiplying opportunities for volunteers' engagement II
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

COCAT is the Coordinator of international workcamp organizers in Catalonia.The main activity of COCAT consists in coordinating and managing voluntary services in the area of international workcamps suchas: giving trainings, fostering long-term voluntary service and representing at international level our country within internationaland European networks. International voluntary workcamps are conceived as a tool of personal and community growth for bothyoungsters and for the hosting communities, working on key concepts such as non-formal education and solidarity.The number of volunteers hosted through this project will be two. We are looking for two open-minded volunteers willing to join ayouth project. The candidates must be active and collaborative. The candidates will have to be highly motivated for the work andtasks to be implemented and they will have to be ready to adapt themselves to a new, young and dynamic environment .It will be highly appreciated, though it is not compulsory, if the candidates have already taken part in an international work-camp orcollaborated with any youth association. This way they will be able to spread more easily the work camp ‘s philosophy andunderstand the tasks carried out.The activities carried out throughout the EVS will deal with strengthening, valuing and developing international volunteer service asan engine for social transformation and understanding between cultures. The volunteers will mainly act in Catalonia, mostly inBarcelona.During the winter and spring months the volunteers will help COCAT’s technical staff in preparing informative material and carryingout debates and meetings with youngsters, spreading the word on the opportunities of international volunteer service.During the spring and beginning of summer they will help with the Catalan volunteers’ placement and they will participate at thetrainings designed for volunteers who will join international work-camps and EVSprojects.The candidates will participate and go together with COCAT’s technical staff to visit international work-camps running in Catalonia;they will carry out training activities with the work-camps’ participants and they will also have the chance to join an internationalwork-camp in Catalonia.Our project is based on the principles and values of non-formal education. The methodology will therefore foster activecommitment from the volunteers in all the activities of our association, through a frame of a structured but flexible work. At differentgiven moments COCAT will be in charge of training the candidates so that they will be able to carry out their tasks autonomouslyand proposing activities in tune with their needs and preferences.The project has a double general aim: firstly, fostering COCAT’s networking at international and local level, and secondly, spreadingthe international voluntary service and mobility opportunities among young Catalans.The results we expect , according the specific objectives we planned to achieve by this project, are:1. Improving our EVS candidates’ personal growth and their employability on the European labor market, through theirparticipation in COCAT’s projects.2. Promoting understanding of other cultures different from the young participants’ ones.3. Fostering mobility and long-term voluntary service opportunities, helping its diffusion at local and international levels.4. Promoting and encouraging the inclusion of international projects of youngsters with less opportunities and promoting andraising awareness on sustainable development and environmental issues. We focus the impact of our project both on EVS volunteers and on Catalan volunteers to whom COCAT addresses its activities on intercultural learning and we expect to foster interest on relevant issues such as active citizenship, networking, international solidarity and cooperation. We are confident that the presence of EVS volunteers in our organization will have a multipliying effect in raising awareness and interest among young Catalans so that they will feel motivated to start a long term European youth mobility project and we wish that our local partners will feel encouraged to write and propose new projects in the new Erasmus Plus’ framework.On a long-term basis the activities we plan for this project will help to foster understanding between different cultures by gatheringyoung people from different countries and have them living and sharing experiences with each other. We believe that the projectwill strengthen the positive example of youngsters having an active role in building a more fair and conscious society throughinternational projects for local development and it will ultimately encourage a deeper understanding of the fundamental role eachone of us plays in developing solidarity projects for the common good, organized by and addressed to civil society.


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