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Multiple Intelligence, Multiple Success
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Howard Gardner,who is an American neuro-psychologist,asserted the theory which says it is not right to define individual’s intelligence types by only one test(IQ),in fact each person has more than one intelligence type.According to theory called Multiple Intelligences Theory; as there are more than one type of intelligences, each person can have a different type to the others.Since Multiple Intelligences Theory was come up with by Dr.Howard Gardner,this theory has been accepted in different levels of education in developped countries and teachers have started to perform it.Multiple Intelligences Theory, which is highly pronounced in recent years, has an important role in the field of education in Turkey.On the other hand, although teachers are eager to learn and perform this theory, they have problems in the means of using this theory in their classes.In the applicability of Multiple Intelligences Theory, the biggest problem is that teachers and directors don’t have enough capacity in this field.Teachers aren’t trained about this theory In-service training seminars.Another problem is that this theory isn’t known and introduced in our country and for this reason it isn’t reflexed enough in education system.Because of these insufficiencies, being aware of our needs,it is aimed to have theoretical education about Multiple Intelligences Theory, learn the studies, observe and experience the good performances for our teachers and directors.In this context, teachers(including conselor) and directors will have a course of Multiple Intelligences in Eekhoutcentrum in term holiday at first.Then, they will go job observations in Komplex Ovada in June.First they’ll see theoretical and second they’ll see practical practices.The purposes of our projects are:-To increase the capabilities of our staff(including teachers and directors)-To improve the capacity of professional,cultural,linguistic and intercultural interactions of 12 school staff.-To form an education system based on student focused and Multiple Intelligences Theory-To perform an educational system that reveals students abilities and focuses on students-To gain the experience of AB Project-To contribute the education system of our region by the help of procect.First mobility will be to Eekhoutcentrum Belgium with 12 people.It will be in last week of January and first week of February.The participants will take a course in the field of Multiple Intelligences performances.So our teachers will see the Education in Europe and improve their qualities.Second mobility will be to Kobanyai Komplex Ovada School in Hungary with the same group.It will be in the second week of June when the schools close in Turkey.As the school in Hungary will be open in this period our teachers will have job observations.(job tracking) Expected efficiencies for the participants:1.To learn the educational and training methods about Multiple Intelligences in Europe2.To qualify in the field of scientific improvements in Multiple Intelligence performances.3.To complete their educations on Multiple Intelligence at the highest level4.To have certificates in EU standarts5.To increase the improvements and qualifications about the subject of the Project6.To improve their foreign languages7.To be aware of European culture and social life8.To eliminate prejudices about multiculturalism and European Union.9.To create an awareness that European values are infact universal values even our basic values10.To expand their educational vision by observing the methods of different countries11.To become conscious of being a European12.To have a team work consciousnessExpected efficiencies for our institution1.To learn and observe Multiple Intelligence performance and teaching methods in Europe and carry out in our school, to modernize the methods used at our school2.To increase our school’s quality and have more modern education3.To have partnerships with institutions in Europe4.To increase our experiences in EU projects5.To identify educational standards of Europe6.To provide motivation for school’s progress7.To advance the education quality of our school8.To gain experience of cooperating with different educational institutions



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