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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The MULTIPL(A)Y long-term EVS hosting project is conceived as a continuation and widening of the previous Who is Who? project. MULTIPL(A)Y stands for multiplication of the positive results along with the multiplication of volunteering in line with the mission of Talentum Foundation. Moreover, the project enhancing youth initiatives and intercultural exchange among the EVS volunteers and the local communities also in the smaller municipalities of the county. The “PLAY” part of the project title refers to the non-formal learning methods that will be used during the whole length of the project in order to implement the activities and to achieve the goals stated above. Through this project, Talentum Foundation wants to support own ideas of the volunteers and their own projects on one hand and to promote mobility opportunities for young people mostly with fewer opportunities on the other. To reach this aim the Foundation will strongly cooperate with the smaller Volunteer Points in the rural area surrounding Szeged. The EVS volunteers will regularly visit these Volunteer Points, not only to pass information about mobility but most importantly to pass the knowledge that Talentum gained thanks to the implementation of Who is Who? and develope joint mini projects which are reflected to the needs of the local youth. The final desired impact on these smaller volunteer points is that they will be able to host their own international volunteers and their youth volunteers are also becoming more open and motivated to implement their own ideas thanks to the tools and the competemences developed through MULTIPL(A)Y. Always keeping in mind that European Voluntary Service means mutual learning we will provide opportunities for the volunteers to develop their competences according to their desires, but also they will be the ones who will help the learning process of the local young people, giving them tailor made support and advice and organizing intercultural meetings, promoting mobility through non formal clubs. MULTIPL(A)Y concept and all the activities that will be implemented, will be in line with Talentum mission of supporting, promoting and spreading the culture of volunteering.



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