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“Multimedia for inclusion"
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Multimedia for inclusion" is Erasmus+ KA1 project for youth workers from EU countries: Sweden, Estonia, Malta and Italy. It aims to advance multimedia initiatives for inclusion addressing sphere of youth. The project is designed by "Vi pratar ryska" to promote innovation, exchange of experience and know-how between participants. It addresses the development of digital skills and competences at all levels of learning in response to the digital revolution, with focus on inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities and particularly from islands where they face natural geographical exclusion. General objectives of this project are the promotion of the European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, insuring free movement of persons. Participants will gain an attitude to cooperate with peers and articulate the interests of the organisations at local, European and international levels. By developing multimedia and digital skills, as well as entrepreneurship and multilingualism the project is also tackling the issue of youth unemployment in EU.The specific objectives of the project are:* give youth and youth workers the ability to build a sound skill base as they develop marketable multimedia skills;* instill skills to use semi-professional cameras to make a genuine quality video;* teach basics of the graphic software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator;* train in audio and video software, such as Adobe Audition / Premier for editing sound and video;* coach in web design and development application Adobe Dreamweaver, for creation of a website;* to increase participants’ awareness of social rights and exclusion in the framework of youth living in disadvantaged contexts; * to understand the role of young people in their local realities in the context of the social rights and inclusion; * to exchange best practices about diverse inclusion strategies that can be later transferred to various contexts.Project will include preparation, training course, dissemination and follow-up activities. The training course will be in Sweden on Gotland island in Visby between April 7-14, 2016. During the training course there will be team building activities, presentations of partners organisations and sharing of best practices in multimedia, social and cultural inclusion, research work on youth with fewer opportunities, European Citizenship education for inclusion, multimedia entrepreneurship methods as a methods for inclusion, meetings with local youth and NGO workers on Gotland island, discussions about their needs, creation of new activities and youth projects for Erasmus+ Programme, dissemination plan to share project results in youth organisations and partners' countries, plan for follow-up activities, work on YouthPasses, evaluation of the training course and attractive wishes to participants. The impact of this project on participants will be visible in their competences they earn and develop during the project. Participants will train skills in order to use them in daily work. The project endeavors to promote innovation, exchange of experience and know-how between organisations involved in youth work. The idea is to promote multimedia teamwork and interchange between different cultures and different ways of thinking. It ventures enhance the professional multimedia development of those working in the youth field. The multimedia approach in youth work is targeted through non-formal learning activities, learning by doing activities and educational and artistic development workshops. Few innovative methods from participants involved in this project will be also used, which aim at enhancing the skills and competences of young people as well as their active citizenship.The main results of this training course will be intangible results - the knowledge and experiences gained by participants - youth workers. Participants will learn to use multimedia for a variety of purposes ranging from NGO work, arts, web design to media campaigns. Impact on their skills will range from technical, to analytical and creative. Young people will cultivate the ability to make use of different new equipment and software to produce multimedia pieces for their every-day life, hobby and professional needs. By the end of the project they will be able to engage global audiences and tell stories about inclusion with multimedia technology. On the organisational level this project will foster NGOs cooperation in the youth field. The project after-effect on partners' organisations will come out as established cooperation of youth workers as well as further cooperation and new projects. By implementing innovative practices in multimedia, promoters will reach high quality teaching, training and learning in youth work on the local, regional, national, European and international level. This project will contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy which aims at "smart, sustainable and inclusive growth."



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