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Multilingual United
Date du début: 20 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 19 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Multilingual United” was created in response for young people’s needs in the matter of employability and foreign languages learning. According to reports and statistic we researched, those two issues are strongly connected, especially in contemporary, global market. International companies are looking for partners from different countries all over Europe and many times it turns out that English is not enough to effectively communicate. Therefore employers appreciate more and more young people who can speak many languages, especially ones that are not often taught in standard process of education. Although European Union is aware of importance of this matter, schools in many countries of EU still haven’t worked out an efficient system of foreign languages learning that would achieve the “mother tongue+2” goal established by European Union over 10 years ago. For this reason we decided to create a project of Youth Exchange focused on this matter.We believe that non-formal education methods are highly effective also in the learning of foreign languages and could be used to develop youngsters’ skills in this field and raise their employability. Therefore, the aim of our project is to implement a Youth Exchange for 40 people from 6 different countries in order to create a workshop scenario about importance of foreign languages learning for employability, for young people in local communities around Europe. Raising youngsters’ awareness about this matter is the main goal for our project. Apart from that we have several objectives: • Give 40 people from 6 countries opportunity to raise their knowledge about linguistic diversity in Europe and learn some basic expressions in several European languages • Create artistic and digital works about linguistic diversity and connection between multilingualism and employability- one album with photos, six posters, six videos • Create a workshop about this topic and organize it in local school in the city of Piraeus in Greece • Create a Learning Platform on the Internet in order to disseminate all results of pax’s work among NGO’s, schools and other organizations that could be interested in the topic, and reach up to 2000 people.Project will take place between 4th and 15th November of 2016 in Piraeus, Greece. There will be 40 participants from six countries: Romania, Poland, Estonia, Austria, Lithuania and of course Greece. In this way there will be representatives of each big language family in Europe- Slavic, Baltic, Germanic, Italic, Finno-Ugric and of course Greek. Participants will be between 18 and 30 years old, and gender balance will be ensured. Out of 40 participants, 17 will be youngsters with fewer opportunities for geographical or educational reasons. We choose the partner organizations carefully. Each partner has some responsibilities and tasks to be done in the process of preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project. Thanks to excellent communication and our previous experience of cooperation with those organizations we are sure that all the tasks will be accomplished with success.The activities during the Youth Exchange will be focused on both labour market issues and linguistic diversity of Europe. Through non-formal education methods participants will have a possibility of developing their skills and competences, gain knowledge about culture and languages of all partner countries involved in the project and together work on ideas for raising awareness about the connection between employability and foreign languages learning. Most important methods used during the project will be: learning-by-doing, peer-to-peer learning, performance-based activities, brainstorms and work in small groups. Participants will prepare most of the workshop themselves, having an opportunity to share their experience in non-formal education field and at the same time gain new experience by observing and learning from other national groups. They will discuss the matter of employability in the context of foreign languages in their countries and compare the situations with others.The most important result will be the Learning Platform that will be created before and during the project. It will be the space to share materials that may be useful for the participants on the stage of preparation for the project; later, during the project and after, all result of pax’s work will be posted there- photos, videos, posters, opinions, feedback about different activities, and most importantly- the scenario of workshop for youngsters in local communities in partner countries and beyond. We will disseminate this Platform among at least 2000 people. The scenario of workshop created by the participants will become a widely-used tool for youngsters in whole EU. It will be created for NGOs focused on non-formal education, for schools and for people passionate about possibilities of foreign languages learning.



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