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Project objectives involved joint information and promotional activities to raise the attractiveness and recognisability of the MURANIA area and the development of cultural and tourist products and services based on the area´s multicultural character, natural and cultural heritage, folklore, cuisine and viticulture products, especially those with a higher added value. The main activities were the establishment of the promotion centre, the development of new products of geographical origin, international days of wines and local cuisine (organisation of events), preservation and restoration of cultural heritage with camps, organisation of the production Lendava Through Time, and the development of hunting and fishing tourism in the cross-border area. Achievements: The implemented project has achieved all planned results. A Murania promotion centre and tourist souvenir shop were established in the existing tourist office; numerous events have been organised (festival of bograc, wine tasting and festival, Lendava grape harvest, St. Martin´s feast, Christmas bazaar, treasure hunt, New Year´s Eve walk and the opening of a printing and umbrella making museum); a register of cultural, historical and ethnological sites of special interest presenting important sites of Murania has been established; a promotional brochure and leaflets on major points ofinterest have been prepared and printed. The website has been upgraded as part of the project; a promotional and presentational CD has been produced; numerous common promotion events have been organised and implemented; the Å tefan Galič memorial room located in Lendava Castle has been set up; the production Lendava Through Time was designed and produced, as well as the strategy of promotion and marketing of wines.



  • 75%   163 736,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

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