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Multifunctional Metallomesogenic Polymers (MULTIPOL)
Date du début: 16 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 15 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal seeks to bring into the EU a most talented Indian researcher with a strong background in synthetic and polymer chemistry, and liquid crystal photochemistry and to use his expertise in a project concerned with the synthesis and properties of a brand new multifunctional metallomesogenic polymers. The chemistry proposed will lead to the preparation of new side-chain polymers bearing ligands with an N3 donor set, which can be used to complex a range of metal ions. Of particular interest will be lanthanides with useful optical and magnetic response. In addition, an exciting investigation is planned that using photo- or magneto-responsive metal ions to crosslink liquid-crystalline terpyridine polymers to give elastomers, so that mechanical disturbance of the elastomer will result in an optical or magnetic effect.It is planned that the work carried out under this programme will help develop an ongoing collaboration between York and the group of Professor Das, the Fellow's mentor.The work will be carried out in a well-equipped and well-managed group with a strong international profile, proven ability to act as an international-level training centre in its subject and one that has played host to several Marie Curie Fellows in the past and participates actively in EU RTNs. There is a well-defined work programme and this will ensure that realistic targets are set and achieved. The research area is highly topical as liquid crystals represent an area of real strength within the EU, and new generation displays are emerging based on EU-derived materials and technology. The host group is well connected both within academic and industrially focused research in liquid crystals and the environment provided is first class.