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Multidisciplinary practice with an Omnivalent approach for Vocational Education and International Training
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At our school in Antwerp young people enroll who were not very successful at college or university . These youngsters are usually more motivated by practical training than by theory. These students can roughly be divided into three categories : 1) those who do not feel ready for the job market yet, 2) youngsters for whom the step to higher education is still too big, 3) and those who have faced the disappointment of a - previously followed - unsuccessful study. The Se -n -Se program offers a more practical program to these students and provides the possibility to obtain a certificate in order to enlarge job opportunities. The study which we advise for the project is a specialization in the touristic sector which is mainly , but not exclusively , internationally oriented . It is absolutely necessary that these students get the opportunity to go abroad . By organizing this training in foreign hotels , the students get in touch with the professional side of the holiday atmosphere . During this practice period they work in a professional team and receive constant feedback to improve their job skills and to refine their work attitude. The students are continuously obliged to talk, think and live in a foreign language. They also need to switch quickly from one language to another . They live outside their familiar comfort zone and are pushed to join other foreign-language team- and roommates , and thus also meet and accept other cultures and different ways of living . This increases their self-reliance and self-confidence significantly. Mediterranean Europe is still a major tourist attraction. During a seven-week practice in holiday destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Costas of the Spanish mainland , the Greek Islands and Turkey our students have the chance to practice their previously acquired knowledge. The training abroad consists of two parts : PART 1 : TRAINING COURSE The students follow a three week training in a hotel in Spain . During this period, they receive a professional and intense training in entertainment skills, sports, PR-activities and communication techniques and all of this in different languages. PART 2 : PRACTICE A seven-week practice, a period during which the tourist season slowly starts. This schooling takes place in one of the hotels of the partner organization. The entertainers get an individual training and they work/live together with local, professional teams . Each student gets a daily assessment from their chief-entertainer. This assessment comprises their professional skills as well as their attitude. At the end of the seven-week practice the professional instructors, the teachers and the students together draw up a final assessment report . If successful, the students receive a Europass Mobility Document and a Europass Certificate Supplement.



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