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Multidisciplinary networking of research communities in FIRE (MyFIRE)
Date du début: 1 juin 2010, Date de fin: 30 juin 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The objective of the MyFIRE project is-\tthe multidisciplinary networking of research communities addressing both technological, socio-economical and environmental aspects of the Future Internet-\tthe coordination of research experience and user-driven open innovation activities establishing common concepts, roadmaps, methodologies and tools, based on standardised approaches.MyFIRE project develops the efficient mechanisms of test beds process to make it more effective and used. MyFIRE identifies the user communities and their needs for improving research value of the huge investments in FIRE testbeds.MyFIRE develops a unique and new approach addressing the optimisation, the design, the set up and the use of the experimental test facilities by increasing awareness on economic data and technical related best practicesThe MyFIRE project will apply a methodology known and successfully used by its partners in previous support projects. The approach is to create a supportive environment, which enables key stakeholders to focus on the central question, develop consensus and collectively develop and agree on best practices for testing facilities across the scientific community.MyFIRE project will create an environment providing the awareness for the efficient development of experimental facilities in Europe in collaboration with international partners, especially in the BRIC countries. This will reflect the balance between the requirements for strong collaboration and the stakeholders expectations thus achieving the good experimental activities to develop the sustainable testing methodologies able to contribute to European standards development. The framework will be developing through the creation of open dialogue between the ICT networking research communities and experts from key areas of sociology, policy making, economic models and standardisation.



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