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Multidisciplinary Flipped Learning with ICT
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

***MULTIDISCIPLINARY FLIPPED LEARNING WITH ICT*** Multidisciplinary Flipped Learning with ICT (FLwICT) is an innovative and student centered project developed by a partnership of eight schools from European countries (Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Latvia, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal). The aim of the project is to increase the quality of teaching and learning in our schools via; improving the quality of service of better learning outcomes, flourishing the student’s self-paced learning, fostering students’ own learning independently from time and place. In this project, we want to apply Flipped Learning using ICT tools to improve the effectiveness of Flipped Learning to support our students’ learning more effectively. Beside this by the mediation of combining Flipped Learning with ICT we want to manage; improving student and teacher digital literacy and creating a uniform digital learning environment within schools. The project’s objectives are; • to take development of our schools’ teaching and learning a step further, • to modernize education by using innovative Flipped Learning approach for better teaching and learning, • to enhance academic success, • to share good practice by using ICT, • to improve students ability to analyze and communicate, • to improve students knowledge about European institutions and culture, • to improve school staff competences in language and ICT as well as teaching methodology, • to find methods to implement multidisciplinary work, • to improve students’ social learning via cooperation with peers, Participant Schools: This project is carried out with the participation of eight partner countries. Girne Secondary School in Turkey will coordinate the project and will be in charge of implementing all activities agreed by the partners.Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia and Portugal schools will work on producing videos for English Lessons (Intellectual Output1).Portugal vocational school will be responsible for setting up the website and preparing ICT training for participant teachers.Portugal vocational school will also provide the entire ICT support to partner countries.Poland, Spain, Italy and France schools will work on Intellectual Output2 (portfolio for teachers). And, other tasks will be distributed equally between partner schools according to the background and experience. Activities: In this project, our socio-economically disadvantaged students will be in the centre of the project activities, and all the activities will take place with their active participations. The project activities are divided into four equal parts of a semester each and all sections have a different theme: *Improving Digital Skills. During the first semester we will learn new techniques and skills which we will be able to use throughout the project, *Improving Intercultural Awareness,*Improving Creativity and Entrepreneurship, *Improving English Language Skills. Methodology: In order to realize Flipped Learning with ICT, teachers will take a course about ICT tools in Portugal. Students will carry out activities in both national groups are in international groups. Teachers will only guide students in this process. Before each activity, teachers will prepare nearly 5 minute video related with the subject by using a screencasting computer program and then upload it to project’s web site and send it to students. After watching the video, students will work on the subject by making cooperation with their peers in both national and international groups. Later, they will do activities about the subject with national group in the class time. To deepen the cooperation-experience there will be mobilities where the international project groups will meet and learn new skills and review their results. Results and impacts: The expected results for this project are by working together and sharing good practice to meet the needs in future society. We hope to demonstrate based on improved student results (compared to students not involved in the project) the effectiveness of Flipped Learning implemented on ICT platforms. Impacts on pupils; • Improving their social abilities, • Improving their linguistic abilities and ICT skills, • Raised self-awareness as a European citizen, • Gaining experience researching a subject, making presentations and disseminating it, • Taking responsibility for once own learning. • Improving critical thinking and problem solving competences, Impacts on staff; • Teachers will gain an experience related with Flipped Learning, • The teachers will improve their knowledge of teaching; they will enlarge their vision concerning the new and modern techniques of teaching and methodological knowledge by collaborating with their colleagues from other countries and organizations. Impact on participating institutions; the project leads to international friendships and networks amongst participants and participating schools.



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