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Multicoloured ambipolar conducting polymers for single polymer optoelectronic devices (AmbiPOD)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at conscious development of novel conjugated polymers featuring multielectrochromic properties that can find application in polymer electrochromic or electroluminescent devices. Our aim is to obtain new π – conjugated polymers, containing both electron-donor and electron-accepting units by first selecting their monomeric precursors using quantum chemistry tools. Following synthesis, electrochemical phenomena and changes in spectroscopic properties taking place during their redox charging, will be elucidated. These materials will combine interesting spectroelectrochemical properties with tuneable electronic conductivity and for this reason they can be applied in organic optoelectronic and in electrochromic devices. Detailed identification and understanding of their redox processes will allow developing ways to tailor their physicochemical properties. Our goal is to find, synthesise, characterise and device-test these oligomeric or polymeric materials which should be easily both “p” and “n” doped. Such materials will feature low electron band gap and hence should exhibit strong electromagnetic absorption in the visible region manifesting colour. Such materials should be applicable as both as hole and electron transporting layers, effectively simplifying the construction of electroluminescent devices. This is our key scientific goal. The second one would be to investigate the possibilities of tuning the energy of emitted light taking advantage of different redox states our envisioned polymers should exhibit. The complementary advantage of these materials should be the low threshold voltage for light electrogeneration, which would decrease the operating voltage of electroluminescent devices. Joint implementation of the proposed project will allow each partner to explore new fields related to his area of scientific interest giving one of a kind opportunity to find reliable and proven partners for future scientific collaboration.



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