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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main goals of the project 'Multi-preneurship' are stimulation of youth and youth workers towards entrepreneurship and the active inclusion to a labor market. We also wish to encourage the youth organizations for a bigger autonomy or financial independence, which can be achieved with the activation of social entrepreneurship. There are several stake holders involved in the project. Among them are representatives of National institution for the employment from Slovenia. With them we'll explore the possibilities for the bigger recognition value of the Youthpass at the youth employment procedures. The main activity of the project is a youth exchange in Slovenia. There will be 48 participants from eight countries. These are Slovenia, Malta, Austria, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russian federation. Knowledge and experiences transfer will be done mainly with non-format technics of learning. These are different interactive workshops, creativity stimulation workshops, good practice show cases, self-reflection, 'open-space' workshops etc. Many things will also happen during non-formal meetings and gatherings, like 'coffee-breaks', 'energizers' ... Very important part of the project is also its inter-cultural dimension. During workshops of the youth exchange, participants will prepare business and entrepreneur models, which will be presented to the public already during the youth exchange. With the project we wish, in a long-term, affect to the lower youth unemployment, increase their active participation in the labor market and increase their desire for entrepreneurship. We also wish to achieve longterm sustainability and financial independence of youth organizations. With the project we wish to increase the role and the importance of the Youthpass in the youth employment process.



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