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Multi-modal transport passenger information systems for Metropolitan/Regional Gateways (MULTI - GATE)
Date du début: 31 mai 2006, Date de fin: 30 janv. 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

key objective of the project MULTI-GATE is to establish a permanen know-how exchange between authorities in the ARCIMED area, with the characteristic of representing multi-modal transport "gates" (at cities or regions). Main activities are multimodal gates network definition in ARCHIMED, konw-how exchange, best practice formulation, and pilot ation. They key theme is "seamless & multi-modal passenger information" as a tool for: - tackling urban level problems; integrating ARCHIMED are at inernational travel level, bridging the spatial gap between the international inbound traffic and traveling to remote areas in regional or national level. The project MULTI-GATE aiming at investigating the impact of ICT Actions for the Passenger Transport integrationa of the urban enviroment of key travel gateways (for example, metropolitan areas) with: a) thei major adjustig international transport hubs (such as airport, port and railways stations), on the one hand; b) their regions/countr's remote mainland or island areas, on the other. Thus to facilitate seamlessness and inter-modality of passenger mobility at all possible travel levels: international incoming travel, urban transport and regional travel. Main tools are networking and pilot actions addressing the area of advanced passenger travel information services for interurban public transport and traffic. As a result to asess the impact of information systems in tackling the passenger transport congestion & spatial development problems at two levels: within the complex urban enviroment itself, and by focusing on the City-Gate as the cause of bottleneck in the continuation of international to regional, interurban travel. One commo characteristic of the countries comprising the ARCHIMED area is the difficult accessibility oth entering the relevant countries as well as getting around within the country (due to the remote or island nature of the areas); as a result international traffic is usually transited through large or medium cities, which host major airports and ports. Those cities are thus the key gateways of their country or regions. most times those cities constitute a complex, large urban enviroment and/or Metropolitan wide area, with own specific mobility problems (heavy congestion and lack of multi-modal choice fo example). The MULTI-GATE objective are thus: to establish a network of MULTI-GATE partners (transport and regional authorities); to disseminate project's result and extend networking to ARCHIMED area's transport/ regional authorities that have common or similar objectives; To identify the pre-requisites foe accessibility and seamless mobility regarding international, urban and interurban enviroments covering both mode-specific and multi-modal travel especially passenger information systems; to provide guidelines for substainbility; To collect good practice for ICT use & passenger information and provide instantion of Best Practice according to specific region's characteristics; To perform verticla pilot action at MULTI-GATE areas: integrated multi-modal passenger information systems for interurban travel and urban public & private transport planning; To develop the migration path for a horizontal integrationa of vertical actions into an ARCHIMED wide passenger informationa system.



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