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Mulhouse, Territoire d'engagement citoyen
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Mulhouse, territoire d'engagement citoyen" is a project led by a group of associations and institutional partners in three countries: France, Italy and Germany. Gathered around a common vision and common goals, the project partners aim to promote the European mobility of young people to the purpose of volunteering, exchanges and active citizenship both at local and European level. Another objective of this project is to strengthen cooperation between associations and local authority in the field of youth and promote the exchange of expertise and experience among the joined organizations, their members and staff and their respective communities.Two factors contributed to the emergence of this project:1) At the local level, the partners involved are part of the of Regional Platform of the International Youth Mobility cofunded by (Experimentation in the field of youth work Fund).2) At European level, the German partner, through the Municipality of Kassel, Italian (Municipality of Padua), and the Municipality of Mulhouse are all three engaged with other European cities, in which a Strategic Partnership has as objectives the promotion of the international mobility of young people and strengthening the cooperation between all partner cities in the field of youth.Thus, gathered around the objectives of the platform on one hand, and the strategic partnership, on the other hand, our project is a continuation of the commitment and guidance of each partner to work together towards the same goals.This project includes an activity: European voluntary service, long term.Six volunteers from Italy and Germany will be hosted in three organisations in Mulhouse (FR): Pole Sport and Youth of the Municipality of Mulhouse, Mulhouse Office of Youth and Sahel Vert, to perform voluntary service of 10 months.Summary of the activity: - Venue : Mulhouse, France- Dates : 01/09/2016 - 06/30/2017 (10 months)- Number of participants : 6 (2 participants in each host organisation)- Profile of participants: Young women and men aged 18 to 30 years and residing in Germany and Italy.No level requirement of education, experience or language skills are required. Only motivation and interest in the proposed missions and target audiences are required.- The partnership: * Pole Sport and Youth, Municipality of Mulhouse: Host organisaiton (France) * Mulhouse Office for Youth: Host organisaiton (France) * Sahel Vert : Host organisaiton (France) * Municipality of Padua: Sending organisaiton, Italy * Diakonie Hassen: Sending organisaiton, Germany * Tambour Battant: Coordination organisation, FranceProposed tasks to volunteers:1) Activity 1, Flow 1 Within the Pole Sport and Youth, Municipality of Mulhouse- Support internal athletes in their triple-project: sports, school and community;- Moral and emotional support for those young people away from their family environment;- Mediation for internal sports;- Support the organization of events organized by all services of the Sports and Youth Division.2) Activity 1, Flow 2, Within the Mulhouse Office for Youth:- Wilt informative for distribution to young people;- Conduct a survey to collect the grievances and needs of youth in the territory;- Support the organization of artistic and cultural events;- Create and update a website for the association.3) Activity 1, Flow 3, Inside Sahel Vert:- Conduct awareness campaigns on biodiversity, including the fight against invasive plants;- Helps maintain the site "the Dinamitière" managed by the association: Green areas, garden, common spaces;- Participation in the activities and of the site managed by the association;- Support for young people in day care: language tandems, help with homework.The impacts :Participants will compete in an intercultural environment, intergenerational and interdisciplinary. an opportunity to develop social skills, linguistic, cultural, civic and also techniques.The partners will strengthen their exchange of expertise and know-how. For two of the partners, the project is the first experience of working in partnership with other European organizations.Some impact on the area concerned with the visibility of actions that will lead participants in connection and in direct contact with the local population and local associations.This project is a first experience, especially for Mulhouse territory, which will be a first step to other joint projects with European partners. Reflection is sleep and already engaged to organize mobility to other countries (Germany and Italy).



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