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Muhasebe ve Finansman Alanı Öğretim Programlarının Geliştirilmesi ve Öğrenciler için E-ticaret ve E-muhasebe Stajı
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

E-commerce and its method of record keeping which must be implemented as a result of commercial transactions, the accounting is done electronically provide many conveniences. World Trade Organization, the EU commission, organize e-business and political organizations all over the world in the development of trade and take decisions for implementation in a healthy way and efforts to strengthen the legal framework such as the OECD. To be a member of this organization of our country, the financial sector in e-commerce has grown along to take part in intensive elements reveals the need. Accounting and finance in the majority than the person who graduated from the field on the financial sector to be of record and follow up of the commercial activities of business and operations and work in the fulfillment of administrative procedures mission reveals the necessity to meet the trained personnel needed in the area. For this purpose; Accounting and Finance and e-commerce and e-accounting practices training in particular, the development of vocational and technical education, the promotion of innovation, quality and adapted to modern education in the efficiency of European standards to meet the needs of the elements of the business world, business and vocational training institutions increasing the cooperation between the community, the development of students' personal and professional competence of teachers sustainable technical knowledge, skills and performance enhancing confronts us as a matter of priority. Our projects aims of this framework are as follows; Courses applied vocational training institutions students in upbringing involved educators and industry established partnership of representatives from countries and organizations Accounting and Finance area and in e-commerce and e-accounting issues, the course of contents, methods and techniques, materials, our country with vocational training institutions in the EU we can apply in our vocational training institutions involved in vocational training institutions to compare areas of new educational programs have knowledge and experience. EU dimension of professional ethics and rules ensure that the knowledge and experience. Using best practices for training in their respective fields; Sector and ensure that students who are transferring, Graduated Future work in this area and their continuous renewal that should Accounting and Finance student of the EU countries in e-commerce and e-accounting rules, innovation and legal practices, site seeing studies is to gain knowledge and experience with not experience. Participants of our modern e-commerce and e-applications made at the European level regarding accounting practices and to gain experience on the development of methods, our participants theoretical level, they receive training for, to convert into practice by doing an internship activities, Our consortium members accounting and courses applied in financing the field of e-commerce and e-accounting issues, the course of the contents, methods and techniques, materials, will have knowledge and experience about the new educational programs that you can apply in our vocational training institutions. Best practices will be used for educational purposes in their respective fields, who will teach the students and training sector. Information from the EU dimension of professional ethics and rules and they will have experience. They will develop the capacity of institutions and will increase along with the ability to conduct business. E-commerce and e-applications made at the European level regarding accounting practices and gain experience of the developed methods. Of companies operating in the sector with vocational training institutions will increase their cooperation at European level Participants; by recognizing the different countries and cultures, they can express themselves better in order to be more effective in social life, self-confidence and team work to gain skills will support the development of EU citizenship and language skills. This is our aim, our participant profile, in line with the gains to be achieved after the activities to be carried Accounting and Finance area, our teachers, our administrators in the case of director of educational programs at these schools, and constitutes 11th grade students in the field. Application time and 12 days for overseas teachers of our project, our executives; For our students is 19 days. The project duration is 12 months. Overseas application date will be held between 3-23 April 2016. Total number of participants is 56. They. Countries and number of participants is as follows. For teachers: 5 Portugal, Spain 5, Hungary 5, Czech Republic 5 people. For students: 8 students one companion Portugal, Spain 8 students one companion, Hungary 8 students one companion, Czech Republic 8 students one companion.



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