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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We live in a world where natural resources have been exhausted and, in most of the cases, the man's hand does not care the environment as he should. That is why it is so important that young people are aware of the importance of protecting our environment. For this reason, our City Council and the Association of Youth in Action from Padul suggested develop a youth exchange where we will approach topics related to the knowledge about our environment, our visitors and natural resources, energy saving, climate change and recycling. Our exchange was focused on young people between 18 and 30 years old and was developed mainly in our town, El Padul, from 3nd to 10th of October 2015. With our project we got that young participants improve their skills, knowledge and attitudes through project’s preparation and its implementation. As well as promoting multilingualism in coexistence with young people from different countries. Padul stand out for its huge wealth of natural resources, renewable energies and, ultimately, for their inhabitant’s attitudes, values and ways of caring the environment in which we live. Padul belongs to the Lecrin Valley, in the province of Granada (Andalucia) and it is within the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, all of that creates a privileged place to carry out the environment topic. Our Laguna is one of the most important wetlands in Spain due to its rich biodiversity, and the great amount of species that lie here, including some autochthonouss species. Apart from all of this, we must add its paleontological values because mammoth’s remains have been quite often appeared in our lagoon. In addition, we are a climate change studying centre, as the passage of migratory birds is studied here, that means that it is usual to see a lot of wind turbines in the area. We also have a cluster directed to energy research and training of new building materials, renewable energy and energy efficiency. During this exchange, the Youth Association "Padul in action" has promoted the equity and social inclusion, encouraging participation the youth with unfavorable situations either by personal, economic or educational difficulties. This way we got to increase mutual understanding and tolerance between the two participating cultures.



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