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Moving to social inclusion
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Il Filo da Tessere is a network of social cooperatives working in the social field with many different targets in the province of Biella. It will coordinate an EVS project called "Moving to Social Inclusion" composed by 7 sending organisations and 3 hosting organisations and 7 volunteers: three of them will have activities in Cooperativa Tantintenti ONLUS; two of them will have activities in Cooperativa Maria Cecilia and other two in Cooperativa Domus Laetitiae. Volunteers will been selected with the main criteria of motivation and a great interest in the theme of the project and a good sensibility about social work. They will have to manage with their skills in communication and work with elder people, children and handicapped people. Volunteers will be involved in daily activities and some workshops organised by hosting organisations. They will help their users to develop their own abilities and to enjoy their time. The project’s locations will be Biella. Volunteers will have a one year project, starting from september 2016. They will always have the chance to experiment and learn how to work in a team and in cooperation with socially disadvantaged people. Therefore the EVS volunteers will learn a lot about networking and project planning: they will infact follow all the steps of the process that transforms an idea into a project. The volunteers will also participate to the organization and implementation of some events and activities aiming at involving the local community and young people in voluntary work. Volunteers will enter in touch with exclusion: the target of person they will work with are usually risking exclusion because of their reduced abilities because of handicap or age. Volunteers will help "moving" with the task to promote inclusion around those people.



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