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“Moving to Future: Volunteering in a Multicultural background”
Date du début: 1 août 2013,

“Moving to Future: Volunteering in a Multicultural background” is a long term and short term EVS Program organized in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. This project aims to give volunteers an experience of European Voluntary Service promoting intercultural learning and working with children (often disadvantaged) and young people. Responsibilities are given to the volunteer, and through daily interaction with other (EVS) volunteers and living together with them, the experience is being shared and learned from. The project activity is for one year starting on the 1st of September 2013. The 6 volunteers are coming from 5 different countries: Austria, Italy, Spain, Russia and Ukraine. The concrete tasks of the volunteers will be to assist the children in different age groups in the overblijf (lunch break in a school for those who are coming to the Netherlands) and in organizing youth exchanges, trainings, receiving groups both national and international for activities. There are additional activities like: organizing kids feasts, open house, and holiday activities for the children.



5 Participants partenaires