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Date du début: 1 avr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Moving on" project is an international project of the Contact Making Event type. We decided to create this project from the following reasons: after the end of the Youth in Action programme we would like to continue in youth activities together with partners from other countries, we need to exchange experience with other organisers of youth projects, establish a long-term cooperation and find new topics for future projects. One of the aims of the project si also our need to recognise the level of our work through comparison with other partners and in cooperation with the partners to learn new methods of work with youth so that we could move forward in our work, to get on a higher level, therefore the title of the project "Moving on". Another aim of the project is to meet partners from countries we have not cooperated with yet, exchange our experience with organising youth proejcts, share the ideas and methods used during organisation of youth projects and create together new project plans and intentions for common future projects. We would also like to present the miniprojects created during the project meeting to other young people in one of the towns in the region to get a background from them, too. The next aim of the project is improving our skills and competences, an ability to cooperate in a team, present project ideas, improve the ability to agree on a common way of creating a project and an ability to present the final project plan not only to other participants of the project but to other young people , too. The next aim of the project is to create 4-5 miniprojects (based on the work in project groups) so that they could be developed, written and submitted in a future deadline. We are also going to create a minibrochure of energisers as examples of good practice. The minibrochure will be both in printed and electronic version. We are going to create a webpage and a blog to share received and extended experience with other youth workers and public. In the project we want to focus on extending cooperation with other organistations from the countries we have not cooperated with yet or only rarely, we want to focus on our needs to improve the level of our work with youth, the competeces and methods of work with young people. Our need is to improve our language competences, our ability co cooperate in a team as well as to lead a team, to learn from our partners and pass our experience to our partners. In the project there will be involved 22 participants from 11 countries, each country will be represented by 2 participants. The participants will be team leaders and youth workeres who have experience with organising youth projects and with participation in them. We will do our best to ensure the gender balance. The project of training and networking of youth workers includes the following activities: Speed dating, Ice-breaking games, Energizers, Presentations, Intercultural evening, Team building games, Workshops, Creating mini-projects, Presenting mini-projects, Creating a brochure of energizers, SWOT analysis of the Erasmus+ programme, Discussions, debates and Evaluation activities The result of the project will be: - 4-5 miniprojects worked out by the minigroups of participants. The miniprojects will be presented not only to other participants of the project but on the fifth day also to young people from the place where the project will take place. - minibrochure of energisers both in printed and electronic form as a tool of sharing good practice - SWOT analysis of the Erasmus+ programme made by all participants of the project. - web page, blog for dissemination of results of the project and informing public, particularly other youth workers. Impact of the project: - on local level enlarging awareness of the Erasmus+ programme, during the debate with young local people presenting opportunities of the programme through presenting miniprojects. Availability of the outputs of the project - the minibrochure of energizers, SWOT analysis, miniprojects for other youth workers and team leaders. - on international level - creating a network of partner organisations, presenting the project and its outputs. Availability of the outputs from the project for other team leaders and youth workers in the partner countries. Long term benefit - creating a network of partner organisations, creating a minibrochure of energisers, creating new project ideas with intention to carry them out in a short time through new project applications. Enlarging the cooperation with new countries and new organisations, development or improvement of language, organisational, social, digital, mathematcial and other competences, learning new methods of work with youth within informal learning, exchange of experience and sharing methods of good practice, improvement in youth work in the organisations participating at the project.



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