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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MOVING FORWARD The STEP BY STEP project aims to contribute to the knowledge of four European organizations targeted in the Third Sector Youth in order to create a Learning Partnership in the future. This Learning Partnership's goal is to improve the skills of young people and contribute ultimately to promote their integration in the labor market.In the current economic and socio-political crisis, young people are in a situation of precariousness and instability marked by a lack of opportunities. Youth unemployment is one of the concerns of the European Union (Europe2020: Youth in Move). A large number of young people are currently at risk of social exclusion and lack of protection by their public institutions. It is more necessary than ever in this context the workers in the field of youth, especially those involved in youth and economically disadvantaged contexts.Non-formal education is really a tool to improve the self-esteem of young people, and acts as a mechanism of transmission of values, promoting social commitment, solidarity and participation in public space. Non-formal education then it is like a door to new alternative opportunities, and enabling young people to acquire a range of skills that maximize their skills. Due to lack of resources on which these professionals face their daily work, we need to create a network that brings together the sum of knowledge and experience we can offer the institutions and experts working in the field of non-formal education with young people. We are before an opportunity to redefine the role of young people in our society, considering them active agents in our community, and offering a space that guarantees equal opportunities. We believe that the project can create for organizations working in the youth field may have the material and tools necessary for creating a more just society.The main activity in MOVING FORWARD STEP BY STEP is a 3 day CONTACT SEMINAR with the following objectives:1) Know the entities that form part of the project to create in 2016 a strategic partnership aimed at training workers in the field of youth.2) Identify the needs of young people they work with the agencies involved in this project from the point of view of skills and competencies that enhance teamwork, creativity, long-term planning, commitment, high aspirations and positive attitude.3) Determine the objectives, activities and role of each partner, intellectuals results and multiplier effects.The project is aimed at workers in the field of youth and young people and involves 4 European entities: Montblanc Foundation (Spain), Havco Haringey (UK), Ateneum (Sweden) and The Rosetta Foundation (Ireland). The internationality of the project and the exchange of best practices is key to achieving the objectives described above.



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