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Moving Europe- Moving oneself and each other through sports, art and culture across boarders
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Moving Europe Moving oneself and each other through sports, art and culture across borders in EU. The project is cooperation between three special schools from Denmark, Finland and Germany and between the free time organizations there are cooperating with. The pupils participating in the project have the following characteristics: They take part in primary/lower secondary education (age group 12-20). They have low self-esteem and they are not able to stay in the traditional school system, and they have experienced several school “drop-outs”. They have difficulties holding their focus/keeping attention during activities and they have therefore suffered many defeats. They have a poor body image/consciousness and a low concentration ability. They have basic learning difficulties and an intellectual/cognitive development which are not age appropriate. They have difficulties finding suitable free time clubs, so we want to set up an opportunity for them to participate in a free time club, and we hope that in the future, they will have more choices of what hobbies, they want to join in. Throughout the years, we have experienced that an increasing number of pupils can`t participate in existing extracurricular activities in an organized setting/environment. We have seen that this is also the case for our students both while they are attending our schools but also after they leave our schools and move on to other educational facilities. This means that a great number of our students have no other or very few social positive arenas to act in other than our school. They simply need places, where they can meet other children/young people like themselves and enjoy the community surrounding a mutual interest. Furthermore, this result in many of our young people giving up doing any sports/art altogether. Together with the art club and the sports clubs, we wish to set up an extracurricular activity for the above-mentioned target group in an organized setting; a football team in Denmark, a karate team in Germany and an art class in Finland. The idea is for the pupils to mutually inspire, experience and motivate each other across borders. We will work with sports and arts because they are both languages that transcends borders. We believe that by learning about others you will learn about yourself. We aim to help the pupils to improve their self-esteem and well-being with the aim of maintaining them in lifelong learning and enabling them to be persistent in reaching their future goals. We want that our pupils can get the best skills they can have when leaving the school. The pupils will communicate via internet/Twinspace but also go on trips to the other participating countries.



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