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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT OF THE PROJECT: The project aims to students of intermediate level training of CIFP César Manrique to be able to perform practices (FCT ) in European companies. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS : Participants of the project will be mid-grade students from our center. The CIFP César Manrique has experience in Erasmus mobility of student of higher-level vocational training. Due to the number of students enrolled in middle grade center and our previous experience on the number of Erasmus mobilities, we estimate that there will be 11 participants (10 students and 1 accompanying person). The accompanying person initially requested due to the possibility that some of the students involved in the mobilities is a under 18 years old. Because students have finally been no under 18, it has been asked to change our national agency of the mobility of students by staff mobility. DESCRIPTION OF WORK : - Interview participants for their English/Italian languages skills. - Support Italian classes before the FCT. - Development of training plan. - Completion of internship in a company in a target country. METHODOLOGY : Erasmus coordinators plus and English department head of our organization and an Italian teacher, conducted a personal interview students to determine their level of English or Italian. The CIFP César Manrique contact with European students whose studies are of foreign languages to teach classes in English and Italian support to participating students. To improve language skills possible avenues partners intermediaries, language courses in the destination country. A training plan to made the company by the student is approved. The FCT module will be assessed prior supervision of the plan. This document will be signed by the guardian of FCT and when the student come back to the CIFP César Manrque, he will deliver signed by the guardian of the target company to further evaluate the various activities undertaken by the student. RESULTS : The result to be obtained is to improve language skills and personal and professional skills. Therefore we expect that this project can helpt to increase the employability and employment of young people participating in the program. Once the student has returned from his stay in the destination country, if you have met successfully the training plan, FCT is passed by the student EXPECTED IMPACT: Improving the employability of participants through the acquisition and recognition of new professional, cultural and personal competencies Decreased precarious and temporary , favoring the first access to the labor market. CIFP César Manrique hope to submit an application form for Erasmus+ KA2 with contact founded during this project LONG TERM BENEFITS : Promote labor mobility in Europe as an alternative to local unemployment Strengthen ties with other European institutions and companies that increase future collaboration



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