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Movilidad de Estudiantes de Grado Medio de Ceuta con Malta e Irlanda
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project meets the points of the European Commission regarding the program of action for the renewed Lisabon Strategy • That gives the importance to increasing employment and productivity through greater competitiveness. • Creating more and better employment, improving adaptability of workers and enterprises and the flexibility of labor markets. Which leads to increased development and competitiveness of the economy and the European labor market Europe also needs a more movil and flexible labour market. We will contribute to increase labor mobility within the Union . In 2006, the Commission made proposals to simplify the recognizing of qualifications. The objectives of this project are integrated in measures to actively implement the objectives of the European qualifications framework, paving the way systems of credit transfer surcharge of titles Europass) . Training users of Transnational Initial Vocational Training. Other upcoming needs: To the outside of our professional profiles and attitudes and skills to adapt to European socio-economic environment. Increasing the potential of measures designed to facilitate the future incorporation of the European labor market students. Having in mind the profile of the students in the initial vocational educational training,one of our results will be to make the students lose the fear and lack of confidence that implies going to another European country, and try to change their minds in the following things. 1º) That the european labour market is really free, accesible, and possible. 2º) That is not as difficult as they might think going to work to another european country. 3º) That the cultural differences, specially the language should not dissuade them from try to undertake an experience abroad and that they can be easily surmountable with a positive attitude, illusion and desire for learning. 4º) And that definitively this attitude can open them a wide range of labor possibilities, so much to local as regional or international level. The mobility project will be aimed to students of management, trade and computer science and nets who are in their initial vocatianal training with low languages skills. A total of 12 students from Ceuta(Spain) will do their training in Ireland and Malta over a period of two years with movilities of 30 and 45 days. We would like to go on with our previous project to Ireland and Malta, thanks to the good impact and outputs caused on our participants. Our challenge is to strengthen our project in order to offer each year a better quality mobilities. Experience has shown us that despite language difficulties the students develope during their training period their professional basic skills and that the mobility results represent a qualitative change in the mindset of these students towards Europe. At this educational level, this might not be ever produced thanks to the contribution of the EU. In our opinion investing in european human capital mobility is investing in the european future in a very delicate time. I



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