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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Valga Secondary school faces the challenge of participating in an ERASMUS+ project with the conviction that it is an important aspect for the professional development of the students and the updating of the institution, therefore it will represent a great opportunity to rise the academic training quality of our students and to make exchange, cooperation and mobility among the education systems, and training among countries easier. The current project is aimed at two groups of students belonging to Middle Vocational Training of Welding and Boiler works: - First year students who wish to do FCT in a company outside their country. - Second year students who have just graduated, and once finished their studies wish to stay between one and twelve months in a company of the European community. The main point of this project is to offer the students the possibility to do practical work in the European Union, contributing to acquire a complementary training aimed at improving competitiveness and capacity of the young people to enter into the working world and at the same time, improving their knowledge of some of the European languages and settle socially in another country and into its culture. On the other hand, this project will benefit all the educational community: - Students and teachers will be given the opportunity of increasing their knowledge in a real working atmosphere in another country. - Vocational training will increase its appeal - Communication and interaction among companies and the school will improve - The knowledge in the field of working necessities will improve , to adapt our techniques and educational methods to those. - A European dimension of Valga Secondary School will be promoted, making our international appearance better, and approaching the school to other cultures and educational systems The fact of choosing intermediary partners has been done according the geographical area filled in by them and their experience in mobility projects in the ERASMUS+ time frame. To choose the geographical areas of the participating companies, we have taken into account the influence of the company into the industrial sector our students belong to and we have also taken into account other aspects such as the professional profile of our students and language knowledge. The students’ selection will be done not only paying attention to their academic record and foreign language knowledge, but also paying attention to their maturity to adapt themselves to different cultural environments which will contribute to their personal development. This selection will be done in a fair, clear and coherent way respecting the principles of no-discrimination and will guarantee equal opportunities to all participating students. The school will guarantee their foreign language training and they will be given all the necessary training for the correct progress of their staying. This project is composed of the following stages: 1. Previous preparation of the students, at a cultural, educational and foreign language levels. 2. Approval, together with the institution of origin or welcome, of the training programme 3. Mobility management (journey, insurance, accommodation) 4. Monitoring of the activities done by the students 5. Dynamic and flexible management of possible incidences 6. Wide circulation of projects 7. Making the most of the projects results to make the school community aware of the benefits they provide 8. Issuing the official certificates stating the project and time experience. This experience will benefit the educational community: - The capacity of incorporation into the labour world will improve , mobility will be promoted and personal and social capacities will also improve - The teaching staff will be able to know new teaching methods and put them into practice - The image and prestige of the school will improve and students will be encouraged by its educational offer During the project development, Valga Secondary School will organized clearly defined activities -before, during and after mobility- within the framework of a culture of institutional mobility in which all the educational community will be involved and the results obtained by the professionals participating in the mobility will be widely spread. The school will guarantee the maximum quality in the project stages.



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