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Move Your Skills
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Move Your Skills" aims the mobility of youth workers, coming from partners' organisations working towards the same aims: improving practices and exchanging methods for a quality work with youngsters with fewer opportunities. The partners of the project evolve in different contexts with various issues. The issues dealt with during the set up of this project are the following: youth unemployment, school drop-out, addictions, rural isolation, multiculturalism, etc. Participants of this project are all professionals from the youth sector, all with their own experiences and competences. Participation to the different activities will allow them to exchange good practices, to build a European and international network, to observe with a fresh eye how problems can be dealt with in a different environment. The impact of this project is expected at different levels, for the participants as well as for the host structures. It should allow for the exchange of good practices in order to improve the support and follow-up work for youngsters with fewer opportunities. Participants will developed new personal and professional competences to work with those youngsters. Thus, the project will also impact the target group, consisting of young people and mostly those with disadvantaged background. The project "Move Your Skills" also ambitions to allow for the creation of a network and to help build new partnerships between European and international youth structures dealing with the same difficulties. By its implementation, the project "Move Your Skills" promotes European programs and youth mobility by showing to professionals what are the contributions of international mobility at the personal and professional level, as well as at the social level. The activities of the project will allow the mobility of 17 professionals from the youth sectors (volunteers or employees) from 3 to 60 days. The activities will mainly be job shadowing in France, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Macedonia, Romania and Tunisia.



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