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Move your Europe
Date du début: 6 août 2015, Date de fin: 5 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

" Move you Europe " European Voluntary Service in the Europe House of Nîmes in France From August 9th, 2015 to August 08th 2016 The Europe House in Nîmes – Europe Direct Information Centre Gard-Lozère would like to host an EVS volunteer for a project of 12 months in Nîmes, a south-east city of France. The volunteer will take part to the activitites of the Europe House to inform citizens of our departments of Gard and Lozère (total : 700,000 inhabitants about current events and projects about European Union and more specifically about programs for young people. The aim of the project is to facilitate intercultural exchanges between the volunteers and the local community. As an mportant actor of our educational service dedicated to schools, his activities will be to promote this service and to create and animate workshops for young people. Furthermore the volunteer will participate to the daily animation of the European information centre of the Europe House. Most of the activities of the volunteer will be in link with European youth work, the animation and the information on current events of the European Union. His tasks will be adjusted to his capacities and personal affinities. Main tasks of the volunteer: -Animation of the social networks of the Europe House -Updating our website -Helping with the animation of the European information centre -Communication about European mobility programs -Communication about the Europe House’s activities -Helping for the European and intercultural Educational Service -Punctual creation and carrying out of intercultural activities and events Furthermore, the volunteer will have the possibility to make tasks according to his capacities and personal affinities. A time dedicated to the elaboration of his personal project, important part of the European Voluntary Service, will be offered to him with the support and the expertise of the Europe House team. Volunteer profile sought: The Europe House in Nîmes wants to have a European volunteer in its team in order to add skills, especially with the intercultural public that we are receiving in our structure ; the Europe House is expecting the volunteers to share with the visitors their knowledge and enthusiasm for Europe. European information and counciousness raising is more credible if it’s made by young people from other European countries who believe in the European Union and who have a strong motivation to participate to the programs that are proposed. Candidates must have basic knowledges in French and/or English. Their motivation, their capacity to bring enthusiasm during their interventions, especially for young people and their understanding of the pedagogy and the contact will be important criteria. They will have to be flexible, mobile and to be able to adapt in every specific situation and every types of audience. Description of the volunteering : Destined to encourage the mobility and the implication of the young people from 18 to 20 years old, the European Voluntary Service (EVS) helps to serve a non-profit organization or to a public body for general interest. Fully funded by the Erasmus + program (except for a part of the journey if necessary), the stay is totally free of charge for the volunteer. Accommodations and practicalities: The working time of the volunteer will be around 27 hours per week plus 3h per week for the french lessons. Working time of the Europe House is flexible and has to be adjusted to the activity level. Week-end are free days, unless for punctual activity of the Europe House that are taking place on Saturday and/or on Sunday. In this case, the volunteer will be able to take some more free days during the week. His holiday’s projects will have to be organized according to his tutor at least two weeks in advance. His meals will be provided with extra money that the Europe House will give him every month . The volunteer will be hosted in an apartment close to the city centre, shops and the Europe House. He/she will be in a privet room. The other rooms will be rented by young french or foreign people. The volunteer will have occasionally to move for his activities with the Europe House, in that case the Europe House will organize everything. The Europe House is close to the city centre and shops. The volunteer will receive a montlhly allowance of 115 Euros.



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