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Move to Enhance the Gamified Applications in Vocational Education Training (VET)
Date du début: 2 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users and to solve problems and increase users' self contributions. Gamification allows learners to have fun while attaining information, and encourages them to share that information with their peers. Further developing high quality VET pathways can indeed motivate some young people to remain longer in education and training, by providing them with alternatives to general education which may better suit their interests and needs. MegaVET ( Move to Enhance Gamified applications in Vocational Education Training) has emerged from the reasons specified below; - the lack of coursewares concerning learning through play or gamification inVET to foster the educational and personal development of the students enrolled at VET schools - the development of creative learning styles referring to four-skills, such as audio visual teaching materials rahter than the known traditional teaching methods still commonly performed in classes - the shortage of the innovative and sustainable applications with respect to gamified designs and contents in the field of education, compared to the ones in marketing. - the ever-increasing curiosity and interest of the all persons in education community for the new term 'gamification' and 'game mechanics'. And the horizontal and vertical indicators related to 'gamification' and 'game mechanics' in Google Trends show that the graphic values of the words are gradually increasing, notably a big increase after 2011. ( - the availablity of inadequate resources and unbalanced combination of gamified elements with the educational content that you want to focus on. We are aiming at enhancing the capacity and quality of the education system through MegaVET which put emphasis on; - the enterpreneurship among the individuals who wish to keep pace with today's ever-increasingly technology, notably web-enabled devices and its outputs. - tackling early school leaving and reduce the rate of the dropouts across Europe via pilot training activities, for instance AIJU, our strategic partner has promised to design a game which helps the students with low-motivation towards to the lessons like the school again. - reducing the unemployment available in developing countries by creating new job opportunities and supporting vocational competences due to the fact that gamification is included to the education sector. - embed vocational teachers and learners with the key competences and skills in accordance with the gamified online or offline training contents. The institutions which make contributions to MegaVET are AIJU from Spain; vast experience on ICT and web-based applications, good practices across Europe within the framework of 2020 strategy, ARAD from Turkey; experience more than 7 years on web page design, 3-D modelling, graphic design, IPIA "M.O. CORBINO" from Italy; inclusion to many projects funded by EU, expert staff in the fields of electrics/electronics, computer programming, EPAL KAISARANIS from Greece, great efforts in national projects, active participation to local studies. the possible outputs of megaVET are as follows: 1. MegaVET web-based online game offers a broad array of gamified education contents covering the electrics topics ranging from electrics circuits to the analog devices. The curriculum available will be enriched with diverse complementary activities and visuals. 2. MegaVET Android is a kind of application that you can use easily on your mobile phones. What really matters here is to integrate the gamified training content mentioned above into the curriculum available. 3. MegaVET BOOK being a written resource is supposed to be complementary of android and gamification. Examinations, visuals, lecturing, dictionary, definitions and explanations about MegaVET are included. 4. MegaVET IST taking into consideration the needs and interests of the visual target groups offers a comprehensive training course which lasts four days in May, 2017. The course takers will have had a more clear understanding of all outputs of MegaVET. MegaVET having a multiple phase and interconnected process groups, six steps in the framework of project cycle, will have methodology described as below; - Initiation, - Planning and Draft, - Testing, - Deployment, - Delivery, - Closing When it comes to long-term impact and results, these come to the forefront; * the participating institutions within the scope of MegaVET will have had more clear information and vast experience about the promising game-based educational applications of 21st century. * VET schools at across Europe will be more enthusiastic and volunteer to design innovative and supplementary course contents for those who are trained in these kinds of schools.



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