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Move On! Democratic Chances In Europe
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

An international/multilateral theater youth exchange is expected to take place from 21.08.2015 to 04.09.2015 in IJP (internationales Jugendprojektehaus / Haus of international youth projects). 60 participants (some of them with special needs) from Scotland (UK), Spain, Croatia, Latvia, Portugal and Germany will work together on the topic « Chances of democratic development processes in Europe ». Before the exchange, they will benefit from a group preparation in their homeland and will develop material (mind maps / freeze images / scenes) in order to bring them to the exchange and present them to the other groups. With the support and guidance of a political education trainer, they will use this material during the exchange to reflect together on the topic through political and cultural training methods. Based on this, a proper theater play will be developed in multinational groups with a professional supervision (international theater educators). It will be carried out on the basis of educational theater exercises, introductory exercises and group identification process. A collective guided tour and international nights will also be organised. We want as well to show our region to our guests and, according to the weather, an excursion either to Dangast (North Sea), Bremen or Groningen (NL) is planned. During the workshops, we use the method of « szenisches Spiel » (Improvisations, technique, freeze images and body language) and exercices of intercultural team building. Through this project, the participants will acquire social, intercultural and multilingual competences and will deal together intensively with an important european topic. Thanks to the composition of the group, with partners from Scotland (independence referendum), Spain (Catalonia/Basque Country), Latvia (history with Russia), Croatia (relatively new member of the EU), Portugal (difficult economic situation) and Germany (e.g. PEGIDA movement), we may expect very exciting and rich work actions and results.



5 Participants partenaires