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Move For Social Inclusion
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MMove For Social Inclusion is a EVS project dealing mainly with intergenarational dialogue, social inclusion of disadvantaged people, active citizenship, promotion of youth participation, employement and of cultural diversity. In particular this is a project that allowed three volunteers, from Poland, Check Republic and Romania to have a unique intercultural experience for 9 months, in the Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto hosting organization, in Italy. The centre hosts several elderly people with variable degrees of self-sufficiency and people suffering from the Alzheimer disease. There, the volunteers had a supporting role of the local staff, as creative resource, in the daily activities carried out. Those activties ranged from the ones of supporting social workers in organizing and performing recreational initiatives for the elderly to the ones of establishing relations with people living in the residential centre. By involving three young volunteers in a project dealing with support to elderly people we wanted to give our contribution to the Intergenerational dialogue process which refers to the mutual support and cooperation to different age groups in order to reach a society where all ages have a role to play in line with their needs and capacities and can benefit from their community’s and economic and social progress on equal basis. Through this project we aimed also at promoting Active Citizenship by making all actors involved aware of the importance of fighting social exclusion of elderly people and of having a social active role in Europe, as responsible citizens. With this EVS project we aimed also at promoting youth employment. In fact 2 out of the three volunteers selected, were unemployed. They were chosen for their motivations and aptitudes to self-commitment rather than for their educational, professional or linguistic background. Starting from the objective situation that is affecting many youngsters who are facing many problems in getting a job we wanted to offer those 3 youngsters the opportunity of acquiring know-how in the social sector as well as new intercultural and linguistic skills, in order to improve their chances of getting a job or an interesting training opportunity, once back to their sending countries. Another important element of our project is the one of the cultural diversity. By cooperating with the Hosting organization, in a no formal learning approach, and by facing a different reality in a different country the volunteers got to know better the Italian reality and acquired a wider view of the world. At the same time, elderly people from the hosting placement and local community, had the chance of getting to know other youngsters. Also promoters benefited from the intercultural context of the project by strengthening their partnerships and by improving the quality of coming projects. In the framework of this project, AFSAI and all partners planned and agreed on a specific working method strategy, with roles, responsibilities and a timetable, regarding each phase of the project: project drafting phase, volunteers selections, volunteers and host organization’s preparation, Evs activity implementation (monitoring and support), Evs activity closure, project evaluation and follow up.



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