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Move and Sing
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Type of Project: Youth Exchange Title: Move and Sing Partners: - ASSOCIATION TAMBOUR BATTANT (France); - CITRIN, SDRUZENI PRO OSOBNI ROZVOJ (République Tchèque) - ASOCIACIÓN CULTURAL INTEGRA (Espagne) - EUROPSKI PUT (Croatie) - SAUDE EM PORTUGUES (Portugal) - ASOCIATIA GEYC (Roumanie) - CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT (République de Macédoine) Venue : La Vancelle ( Strasbourg), France Dates: 26 Octobre- 1er novembre 2015 Number of participants: 28 youth + 7 leaders (Total: 35). Profile of participants : The project's participants will be young people between 18 and 25 years who have a strong passion for artistic activities and young people with fewer opportunities who show an interest in developing skills in this area. Summary and context of the project : The project "Move and Sing " is a youth exchange on the theme of artistic practice as a springboard to the social integration of young people and a community cohesion factor . It aims to provide young participants skills in the field of singing and artistic expression in general. It also aims to promote intercultural understanding between young Europeans , to raise awareness about issues of European citizenship and sustainable development through various activities based on methods of formal and informal training. The youth exchange has six objectives: 1 . Acquire or enhance participants' knowledge in the fields of music and singing ; 2 . Discover the traditions and cultures of the countries involved in the project through traditional music ; 3 . Strengthen the sense of belonging to a European community together in its diversity ; 4 . Improve the knowledge in foreign languages among the participants , especially the French and English languages; 5 . Develop interest in the use of formal and non-formal methods for the promotion of arts. 6 . Raise awareness on the theme of sustainable development and the promotion of healthy life style. The youth exchange will take place in the House for youth and Culture in La Vancelle where participants will be actively involved in various activities with the support of formal methods and non- formal such as working groups , workshops, round tables, role games , focus groups, open sessions and presentations. Participants will have the opportunity to establish new friendships and contacts at the European level. The project's partners will support young people in the development of new networks to promote future European projects in the field of art, music and youth mobility.



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