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Move 2014 - Mobility in Vocational Education and Training 2014
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kold College, who wants to carry out this mobility project, is a Danish VET provider accommodating app. 1,000 students and 180 staffs. The college provides VET-programmes in the clusters of ’Human food’ and ’Animals, plants and nature’. The justification of this project takes it starting point at the aim of the board at Kold College in order to strengthen its international profile and its international engagement by taking the initiative to carry out international project including mobility projects. The strategic direction of the board of the college is based on the aims of the Copenhagen Declaration, which has been made plain in the Bruges Communiqué and Education and Training 2020. There is a match between the strategic aims of internationalisation of the VET sector on a national level and international level and the aims set in the business- and actions plans of Kold College. The board’s perception of internationalisation is also based on needs and wishes among students and the related lines of business. The overall objective of this project is to realise demands of internationalisation made by the stakeholders of the college and by this to focus of the needs of the market. Further, the objective is to develop the students linguistically, culturally and personally so they develop new knowledge based on new practices. The objective is further that students when educated are able to move freely on the Single Market and that the capacity of teachers to work internationally is increased. The objective is to increase the quality and the transparency of VET education in such a way that it can be assesses and validated based on common European standards and in the rate that learning, which is achieved in one context, can be transferred to another. This project involves 38 VET students from the educational areas: baker, chef, waiter, dairyman, farmer, gardener and animal keeper. Students are recruited from the basic- or the main courses, but the common denominator is that students, who are sent out in this project, already have achieved adequate competences prior to the stationing. Students, who are sent out in this project, have already completed lower- or higher secondary education. In this project students go to Portugal, Ireland, UK, Italy, Germany and Slovenia. Suitable placements are identified by the partnership of the project. This project holds a number of activities, which are carried out in cycles, because it has duration of two years with the following activities: Information and guidance of students, selection of students, who are matched with placements by the partnership abroad. Professional, cultural, and linguistic preparation of student. Arrangements of logistic matters and the student’s training agreement i.e. training activities, practical and legal matters. A mentor arrangement is established in the hosting company and the stay is monitored, assessed and validated in line with Kold College’s standards and the conventions of ECVET and EQF. Outcomes of validation are documented in the Danish portfolio system, Elevplan, a company certificate and Europass mobility pass. In order to increase the knowledge of the results of this project, a number of dissemination activities are carried out and targeted to the stakeholders of Kold College, which count college networks, local educational committees, youth guidance centres and other local and regional collaborators, teachers, the management and the board of Kold College, the students of the college and other national and international educational institutions. The dissemination of the result of the project is done by using the website of the college, its Facebook profile, APPs, Intranet and video spots at the college and in the city busses of Odense. Further, dissemination is done in a number of meeting forums with stakeholders like meetings with teachers, managers, the board of directors, the board, the students’ school council, the students’ summit meeting and the audience of the annual international Efvet conference for the VET sector. The activities and the results of this project will have an impact on the involved students, teachers, enterprises and intermediary partners. Further on an impact on other students and staffs at the college and external collaborators such as educational boards and private organisations in the trade. The results of this project are evaluated in terms of output and outcomes and how they influence Kold College and its strategic development and not at least the objectives of the project. Due to the project’s wide surface of contact to the stakeholders of Kold College, it is perceived that the activities carried out in this project will have a long-term effect i.e. capacity building is done at the college, students are educated with a broader international background and the results from the project are worked into the future strategic work of Kold College.



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