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Motorways of the Seas Strategic Demonstration Project (StratMos)
Date du début: 31 mars 2008, Date de fin: 30 mars 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The application is for an extension of the project with the inclusion of a further two partners, who have been involved in the Stratmos project from the start but were not able to submit their letters of intent in time for the submission of the project in the first call. The potential partners were involved with the Stratmos predecessor project Northern Maritime Corridor. The Stratmos project aims to promote and facilitate the shift of cargo from road to sea based inter-modal transport. STRATMOS strives to improve accessibility within the North Sea Region by supporting the implementation of the Motorways of the Sea concept and related transport networks in integrated logistical chains. On the strategic level, the project intends to provide input for the Master Plan to be developed by the North Sea MoS Task Force as well as to EU entities. On the implementation level practical demonstration projects will be carried out in order to demonstrate actions to be taken by public and private actors to improve the effectiveness of inter-modal transport, in particular related to hubs and hinterland connections. Achievements: • Transnational solutions for «invisible» intermodal transport o Monitored sailings from Europe to Murmansko Development of concept and submitted application for new short sea service Norway – Belgiumo Development of concept and carried out test sailing for a circle line for barges between Amsterdam and Northern Netherlandso Demonstration of security device fixed on containers transported from Belgium to Spain• Recommendations for efficient hubs, hinterland and intra-port traffic: o Development of dry port concepto Development of regional hub, testing inter alia traffic signal priority of truckso Analysing and smoothening short sea operations in porto Testing RFID technology for for improving efficiency of logistic chain in a warehouse• Strategies for connecting transport networks and corridors o Documentation of Northern Maritime Corridor as an extension of Western Europe Motorway of the Seao Developed criteria for financial support to services to peripheral regions of Europe• A system model developed for consistent analysis of intermodal transport, relevant for MoS and Marco Polo funding• Guideline for MOS strategic demonstration projects, materialized in a tool box that is useful for SMEs when applying for MS or Marco Polo funding



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