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Motivating Young people to Think At Labour market and Employability through Non-formal Tecniques
Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project proposal, prepared by Social Cooperative Studio Progetto, was born from the will of providing young people with some tools for employment in a non formal educational approach. In the investigation of the possibilities for a future career, indeed, turn out to be of essential importance the awareness of personal skills, both acquired and spontaneous, which are often not well considered in the guidance towards one or the other type of job.The project My Talent wants then to propose a path of awareness of personal potential and skills, to enrich the context of self expression and to enhance the access to employment .The whole flow of the project, that will reach the climax stage during the implementation of a Youth Exchange, is thus centered on awareness of abilities, thus meaning that the participants will try to maximize the impact of their skills and the mastery of their natural talents . This awareness will be then contextualized within the horizon of our working days and into the concrete vision of our changing economy.The path of My Talent will be all the more effective because it proposes a technology far from the classic and formal ways, but centered on the enhancement of the desires, dreams, and creativity of the individual. The growing step that will be purposed will be then not only a forced stride to entry into the adult world, but also a chance to build a path of personal realization. Using non formal education this aspect will be valorized, releasing it from the understandable urgency of finding dictated by the present situation, and moving it on a more fruitful and stimulating vision.The project will involve participants from 7 international partners/European countries: Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland. A total of 36 participants will be involved for a 9-day activities, which will be implemented in summer 2016.



6 Participants partenaires