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Motivated to Learn
Date du début: 10 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 9 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Motivated to learn" training course is funded by Erasmus +. It will be held in may-june 2016 in Bucharest and will have 5 partner organizations . From Romania, the organization ASK yourself, Bulgaria, Lithuania , Turkey and Italy.The project will involve 25 youth workers, 5 from each country, two trainers and a person responsible for the organization, for a total of 28 participants.The mission of this project is to develop the skills of youth workers so they are able to motivate the young people involved in the educational process. For this to be accomplished, we aim that during the project participants:Improve their knowledge in verbal, nonverbal, paraverbal and assertive communication, types and methods to motivate young.They will shape and improve: Identification and analysis of young people’s needs ; use of non-formal methods to motivate young, efficient communication with different groups of young people,They will develop attitudes of inclusion towards young people with fewer opportunities, increase confidence in the ability to work with young people, communicate and help them in the process of personal development.They will become aware of the role they have in the education of young people and will have a more responsible and proactive attitude regarding their involvement in this process.Our participants are motivated individuals to improve the education process of young people. Some of them are economically , socially or geographically disadvantaged.Our objectives are aligned with the macro Erasmus + objectives as mentioned in the form. We want to combat rising unemployment levels , to help young people to realize their long life learning potential, giving them the confidence and tools they need to participate actively in society and also to frame all of this within the European context, to help young people to have a new, larger perspective on these activities.Our project will extend over a period of 4 months, with main activities for 11 days(including traveling). It has two types of non formal activities. We will carry out one type of activities in the training room of the Hotel Siqua in Bucharest, the location where we conducted other projects so far and where participants have felt very good. Another part of the activities will involve the target group, a minimum of 60 young people from four high schools in Bucharest. In the first activity participants will have the opportunity to improve or to form new skills whereas in the high schools they will have the opportunity to put into practice, while giving young students a new perspective on the educational process.The project will have an impact not only locally but also at European level through the dissemination activities undertaken by participants in the communities they belong to. The impact and dissemination activities will provide a good visibility for Erasmus +.Long-term we expect the project to encourage youth workers to stand up, be proactive in the education process, identifying problems and using the skills acquired to resolve them at the micro level, communicating with young people directly or macro level , elaborating Erasmus+ projects or participating in them.



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